August 9, 2022


It has only come about recently, although it started five years ago with ‘taqiyya’.  That is the Muslim word used to grant Muslims the express right to lie to any and all non-Muslims with sincerity and a straight face.  “How?” you may ask can that be?  “What did he lie about?”  Leaving campaign promises aside, let’s start with the oath of office wherein he promises to uphold the Constitution “so help me God”.

obama and saudi medalAs a Christian nation, even for those who sneer at Christianity, that is a solemn promise to the country.  Yet, in the last five years, that solemn promise has been broken over and over again.  It began with a series of executive orders; orders that were originally designed only to be used either to direct how the Executive Branch will implement laws passed by Congress, or during times when the Congress cannot be called together rapidly enough to handle the situation at hand, and are only to be used until such time as Congress can act upon the problem at hand: mainly utilized during a time of war.

These executive orders are prima facie illegal when they contradict the Constitution.  If people were paying attention they would have recognized the vileness in the individual offering himself up as the author of these orders.  But it did not stop there.  His next move that was a serious ‘red flag’ was the installation of no fewer than five of the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House.  It is rarely talked about, or even allowed to be openly noticed as anything significant, but in recent days he has increased the number of Muslims who now hold office within the government.

“Oh, but he killed bin Laden,” You may chime.  To that I pose this question:  Has any dictator ever allowed serious rival to live?  A great portion of the radical Muslim world had looked to bin Laden as their leader.  So in order for 0bama assume that position it was necessary to get rid of him: an action that thrilled the hearts of many Americans, and caused many to look upon the impostor favorably.

That action was rapidly followed with the bizarre deaths of Seal Team 6.  There have been other strange and unaccounted for deaths that come to mind: Breitbart would be one, along with the Benghazi deaths, all of which remain mysteriously unsolved and ingeniously ignored by the very people we have voted into office to assure these kinds of things are rapidly investigated and resolved.

Next, let’s consider the world stage upon which we have witnessed the most shameful actions of 0bama.  The return of the bust of Winston Churchill to British.  The snub of our Jewish allies and their leader Netanyahu.  His questionable comment to Medvedev to tell Putin that he “needed a little more time” and that “After my election, I’ll have more flexibility.”  “Time for what?” and “Flexibility to accomplish exactly what?” we asked with still no answer to date.

In the last five years he has not only managed to insult the greater majority of our allies; he has single-handedly brought ridicule and shame upon this nation via his most recent debacle over Syria, resulting in the quote from Vladimir Putin that “Negotiating with 0bama is like playing chess with a pigeon.  The pigeon will knock over all the pieces, sh*t on the board, and then strut around like he won the game.”

While the world continues to watch this spoiled toddler make his lame and clumsy moves on the world stage, they are now seeing 0bama’s even truer colors shine through with the serious mismanagement and utter contempt he carries and shows toward America, supposedly ‘his’ country, and certainly the one he took an oath to protect and defend.

The order in which this has happened began with deals 0bama made with the unions, and which he systematically has broken since.  He wrote a series of Executive Orders that in his mind are to be obeyed regardless of the fact that they usurp the authority of the Constitution, and he has placed people in strategic positions to make sure those Executive Orders are implemented.

In his unthinking endeavor to deprive the American people of God-given right to self-defense in his opposition to their keeping and bearing arms, his bumbling attorney general created out of whole cloth an illegal scheme to enable the sale of firearms to the Mexican cartels.  To add insult to injury, in a time when the country is under severe financial distress, he has spent and continues to spend millions upon millions of dollars on frivolous and entirely needless trips and vacations for himself, his wife and her friends and entourage, and his children in what can only be seen as a squandering of our nation’s wealth.

At the same time, the natural and not-so-natural disasters that have occurred during his pathetic reign have gone ignored, if not completely, then certainly with as much avoidance as could be mustered beginning with the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon  and continuing on to include the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma and “Superstorm Sandy” that devastated a huge portion of the northeastern seaboard.

With the economy on the brink of complete ruin, he shut down the government when the final proposal for the national budget was presented to the Senate.  Like the good little lap dog Senator Reid is, he ran to his master and said the equivalent of, “Oh woe is me!  Just look at this!  The House has given you ‘everything’ you wanted in the way of budget…except 0bamacare!  What shall we do?”

“Never shall this be!” resounded 0bama.  “I want it all, I tell you – ALL!  I shall never sign this, and since we are so close to the time to pay our creditors, I shall spur the people into revolt and blame it all on the House!  I shall shut down the country, but only the things that will create the greatest inconveniences to the people.”  Thus, 0bama sent the bill back to the House with his  ignorant and childish demands knowing full well the House would fight it, and the fight that ensued would halt the nation.  0bama thinks this has gone undiscovered because he has a sycophantic press as did Hitler, and the House was blamed for the shutdown when the truth is 0bama made it happen because he is still trying to figure out how to set up the checker board.

In so doing, he fell flat on his face.  In his childish tirade he forgot that people noticed when his precious golf course remained open but cancer-ridden children receiving government assistance were denied funding.  The people noticed when monuments and parks that do not belong to the government, nor are funded by the government are shut down and barricaded, not only on American soil, but overseas as well.  People noticed when they were driven from their homes which are located upon government property they have already obtained the right to build and live upon!  People noticed when our veterans were treated so shabbily.  By his own statement, “Make it as difficult on the American people as you possibly can,” he proved himself to be the spoiled petulant man-child that he is.

His next little hissy fit or tantrum, if you prefer, came with the dismissal of four senior military officers because of the detonation of a nuclear device some 600 miles off the Atlantic coast.  Obviously the President has forgotten that only “he” has the final say on the release of a nuclear device.  Yet leaks have come out around the world (none of them mentioned on any news reports in America, of course) that the dismissal occurred because the bomb was not detonated closer to, or even in, Charleston, S.C.   See:

The General was remover over lack of trust?  The article says at one point, “Officials would not describe the behavior, other than to say that it did not involve any sexual improprieties, drug use, gambling, or criminal conduct.”  Well if it did not involve any criminal conduct, how did the bomb happen to be fired in the first place?  Again, I repeat, the ONLY person who can give the order to fire a nuclear weapon is the President!

And:    Quote from the article:  “transfer of the weapons was an ‘off the record’ black ops transfer.” 

And so, in a fit of rage, he dismissed four senior officers, blaming them for improper handling and misuse of atomic weaponry.  He obviously overlooked the fact that ONLY the President has the final say on the detonation of a nuclear device! 

With these and so many more similar actions by the toddler-in-chief we are witnessing several things at once.  1.  The petulance of a two-year-old in adult clothing.     2.  The arrogance and disdain with which the resident in the White House regards the American people.  3.   The all-out hatred of that resident in the White House for the nation he has sworn to serve.   4.  The bud in full bloom of a raving psychopathic narcissist, the likes of which can only be described as ‘a monkey with a hand grenade’.  5.  The complete loathing and disrespect he has for all things American, from the American flag, to our belief in Christ, our Constitution, which enumerates and guarantees our rights and freedoms, and above all, our freedom as a free enterprise system and freedom to worship as we so choose.

All of these combined exhibit for us a de facto president with one goal I mind: the complete destruction of a nation and the brought-to-heel subservience of its population by a president in default.  Default of his oath of office; default of upholding the dignity and integrity of our nation around the world; default of frugality with the commerce of our nation; and in default by his actions exemplified by not working in the true capacity of a president with the genuine care and concern for the office and all it entails.

No one squanders billions of dollars on frivolity when his wallet is nearly empty.  Until now, only Hitler had spent millions of dollars on the creation of concentration camps in WWII.  We are seeing his shadow at work with the construction of over 800 FEMA camps across our nation, all built to keep people inside!  Some even appearing to have crematories built onto them.

There is so much more that can be added to his criminal handling and irresponsible actions that it would fill many more pages.  Suffice it to say that he has shown to us and sadly to the world at large a man who is a leader in default, fallen flat on his face in disgrace, not only disgracing himself, but disgracing the entire nation before the world.

Alice Schultz