August 9, 2022

“Am I a stupid man?”

Fed up by the lack of a cohesive response from Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, to his pointed questions well known liberal and comedian Jon Steward asked “am I a stupid man?    I respect Mr. Steward, as I do many liberals that are able to argue the merits of their ideology with logic and decency.    We might agree or not with their philosophy, but our Democracy works because, not in spite, of these ideological differences.    His incisive question is one that many of “we the people”, have been asking our officials for some time now.    How many times are we going to hear our President respond to a critical problem or event hearing the words, “mad”, “upset”, “unacceptable”, “will be held accountable”, without any further action.   

Nationally we have gone through “fast and furious”, “the IRS scandal”, “NSA surveillance”, Benghazi”, “Justice Department accusing reporters”, and the latest “Obamacare web site failure”.    Internationally he has been all over the place.    Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iran, our relation with Israel?    Abandoning Iraq, turning a favorable resolution into chaos, and fighting a war in Afghanistan while assuring defeat when he announced a predetermined withdrawal date.   

Obama’s style of governing might work in Chicago but will not succeed in the Nation.    Promises not kept, chastising opponents rather than working with them, lacking transparency, persecuting those who are critical, and legislating from the executive offices.    These actions are not the ones representing a true leader.    Incredibly his repeated defense from his failures to prevent the multiple crises he has endured is that he “was not aware”.    How depressing is to realize that by their own admission, incompetence is the reason he has failed.    This ridiculous tactic seems to also include his cabinet.  

Attorney General Holder, Secretary of State Clinton and now Sebelius seem to be ignorant to what happens on their departments, and are unable to find out who does what.    Arrogance and ignorance seem to be the philosophy of this administration.    In our system of governing an educated citizenship is necessary in conjunction with a free and honest media to avoid abuse of power by any of the branches of government.    As Thomas Sowell wrote in Newsmax, it seems that “Chickens have come home to roost for Obama”.    The once unconditional main stream media is beginning to do their job, the mesmerized public is starting to awaken to reality, and the true and honest liberals like Steward are joining those of us that have for a long time been asking Obama and his clique “do you think we are stupid?”.

Fernando J Milanes MD