December 5, 2021

D.C. Riot Police Assault Protesters Outside The White House

Shark Tank correspondent, Special K, is reporting that riot police have physically engaged a crowd of Americans , who were peacefully protesting in front of the White House. Special K,who was himself grabbed, lifted in the air, and moved aside by uniformed police, in order to make room for the riot police to make their way to the front of the protest, witness several acts of violence against protesters. Police are now re-using barricades protesters brought and dumped off in front of the White House’s outer perimeter fence.
Riot police engage protesters

Riot Police Engaging Protesters outside White Hosue/ The Shark Tank

Sarah Palin Storms D.C., Riot Police Show Up

Sarah Palin/ The Shark Tank


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Riot police strip American flag from protester
Riot police strip American flag from protester/ The Shark Tank
The White House/ The Shark Tank