August 8, 2022

For The Record: Jihad is our Way

For The Record headed back to the Middle East to give you a first hand look at who the United States is arming and aiding as the regional war expands.

In May, For The Record exposed the growing trend of Christian persecution at the hands of then-Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi. In July, the cameras went back to Egypt as a military coup resulted in the ousting of the Muslim Brotherhood lead government. Now, For The Record returned to region as the Muslim Brotherhood clings to power – having lost the right to govern in Egypt and facing a bloody stalemate in Syria. We are currently witnessing a holy war without limits as the Brotherhood serves its creed. Jihad is their way.

The Egyptian people experienced firsthand the strong violent undertones of Muslim Brotherhood rule. And due to the lack of condemnation from the Obama Administration, many in Egypt are left believing the U.S., who was once a trusted ally, is now a supporter of the Brotherhood.

Meanwhile, Christians have felt little to no reprieve. The Muslim Brotherhood has orchestrated systematic and coordinated attacks against Christians in Egypt. Dozens of churches have been destroyed as Christians flee the country. Sadly, there are very few places to escape to.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a threat to the broader region, not just Egypt. As the civil war in Syria rages on with no end in sight, the country has emerged as a battleground for radical Islamists to exploit. The Brotherhood now sees Syria as a lynch pin for achieving its ultimate goal – a global caliphate.

For The Record, Episode 8: Jihad is our Way is available on demand HERE.