August 18, 2022

‘Horrified’ by ‘America’s Latest Propaganda Machine’

The Ministry of Missinformation

Glenn Beck broached a topic that he said “horrified” him when it was brought to his attention roughly two weeks ago, describing it as an “effort to re-write our history and catalyze a new culture for America” with the help of “America’s latest propaganda machine.”

Beck proceeded to tell his viewers about two groups, the first called “Imagining America” and the second called “The U.S. Department of Arts and Culture.”

The latter isn’t actually a body of the United States government, but in the group’s own words, “the nation’s newest people-powered department, founded on the truth that art and culture are our most powerful and under-tapped resources for social change.”

Glenn Beck Speaks About Re Shaping History, Imagining America, and the Department of Arts and Culture

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Beck highlighted various individuals affiliated with the organizations, who he described as “the people that will be teaching and influencing your children” through “art and music and film and history books.”

Among the topics the individuals were caught on tape discussing was the fair redistribution of wealth and how “we’re funding the arts through the Cultural Development Fund, which is upwards of $20-some-odd million funding our cultural communities.”

Beck also said Imagining America was created by Bill Clinton, and that its membership now includes roughly 90 universities including Columbia University, Brown University, the University of Chicago, and more.

Many receive funds from the Soros-linked Tides Foundation, Beck added, in addition to various government grants.

“Several of the board members work closely with the government, what a surprise!” Beck remarked.  “…So we have the government, radicals, and the universities, and some of their affiliates are actually public officials. They actually hold conferences and presentations about how to re-author American history, and it’s [funded] by you.”

Watch more of Beck’s explanation, below:

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Beck said the entire scenario “looks uncomfortably … [like] the Ministry of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment,” the government agency used to enforce and regulate the culture of Nazi Germany in the 1940′s.

“This is exactly what Germany was doing. They re-imagined history with a look to the social frontier,” he said. “This is exactly what this group is doing. You need to tell your friends and if they don’t believe you, doesn’t matter. You need to keep your eye on these people.”

Beck said the history of the United States will be turned “into a story full of evil and hatred,” and that your kids are already not learning history, without any new efforts.

“[And] I have news for you, we never learned history, and you know it if you’ve watched me for a long time,” he added.  “The facts that we have shown you tell you that you already were indoctrinated, but now we’re going to take this to a whole new level.”

“We have got to start putting our money and our heads together,” Beck implored. “We have got to start putting our best minds together and look for a big picture. We’re talking about, ‘Can we save the sequester of 2%.’  They’re talking about changing the world!‘”

Beck has long maintained the solution to the country’s problems will come from the American people and the pulpit, and invited Pastor Rafael Cruz – the father of Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) – to weigh in on the issue.

“We could talk about all the things the world wants to talk about, your son and everything else, but I want to talk to you about – the answer is not going to come from Washington,” Beck began.

“Absolutely not,” Cruz, who fled communist Cuba as a young man, remarked.  “It will come from we the people.”

The pastor added that listening to Beck’s remarks earlier in the program, it was almost like listening to what happened in Cuba under Castro.

You have a “ministry of misinformation…in all the communist countries,” he said.  “Did you know, Glenn, we have a ministry of misinformation in this country? It’s called the liberal media. They just tell us what they want us to hear, and they are re-writing history.”

Cruz added that in looking at our history today, many would not know that “every one of those 27 grievances in the Declaration of Independence of King George were preached from the pulpits of America before they were written.”

Today, not only do many not know the history behind the Declaration of Independence, but the most recognized lines of it are often distorted.  Cruz specifically referenced instances where the president has said “we are endowed” with certain inalienable rights, omitting the phrase “by our Creator.”

“Socialism, Marxism requires that government become your God, so they must destroy the concept of God,” Cruz said. “But you know Glenn, if those rights come from government, they are not inalienable.”

When asked what his message is, Cruz remarked: “My message is the pulpit is responsible, like Charles Finney said it very clearly – he was one of the leaders in the Second Great Awakening – if evil prevails in the halls of Congress, the pulpit is responsible for it. If we have moral decay in our society, the pulpit is responsible for it.  As shepherds, we have a greater responsibility to be leaders, not to be following.”

But despite the challenges, Cruz said he is not discouraged and referenced a verse in the book of Proverbs that says though the righteous falls seven times, he gets up again.

“We either stay down there feeling sorry for ourselves, or we get up, wipe our bloody nose, and move forward with twice the determination,” he said strongly. “That’s what vision will do for you. And when that vision becomes a passion, when it becomes fire in your heart, fire in your bones, nothing can stop you, Glenn…That gives me hope.”