November 29, 2021


There are constitutions, like the ones in the U.S., Honduras, and – among others – the former Venezuelan constitution, which do not include a self-destructive clause; they cannot be legally destroyed nor can “commit suicide”.   Of course, in most countries, constitutions are fancy documents, with no other purpose than to serve the interests of their rulers.   Other constitutions are absurdly populist and demagogic, which contents are impossible to meet in its entirety.   For example, the Venezuela’s new constitution, tailored by Hugo Chavez and his revolution, gives a constitutional right to every Venezuelan whereby every citizen has a constitutional right to a proper home; since the new Venezuelan constitution was promulgated in the year 1999, the construction industry in that rich country has been disappearing as a result of constant Chavez’ attacks to the Venezuelan private construction industry, therefore, less and less people are now living in proper homes.   On the other hand, there are sections of the constitution that totalitarian leaders do not overlook and apply to the letter, as in the case of the new constitution tailored to Castro’s interests in Cuba which provides “voluntary” (mandatory) unpaid work for the general population.

In those countries, as in the United States, where constitutions cannot be legally disappeared to be replaced by a completely new one, beyond simple amendments like the 27 that has been made so far to the American Constitution, these neo-dictators have discovered a terribly-efficient new tool that solves the impediment of giving birth to a brand-new constitution which leads to the assassination with impunity of the existent law of laws of those countries marked by what today is known as ” XXI Century’s Socialism”, also called Constitutional Dictatorship.”   This new tool is known by the name of “Native Power”.   It was employed with the greatest success in Venezuela, a country that had a solid democracy for over forty years, a good record for many Latin American nations.

The concept of “Native Power” or “Original Power” is amazingly simple, understandable and acceptable.   Constitutions are not above the people since it was the people which generated them.   There is a simple example supported by the most logic and pure capitalist concept.   If a group of entrepreneurs decides to found a business, the first thing to do is to create its charter, the “constitution” of the corporation.   By the time that the group needs to change the commercial organization’s bylaws, a board of directors’ meeting would be enough, either to partially or completely change its “constitution”.   In the same way and by analogy, one could understand that if a nation, represented by a group of people, decides to create a constitution, as happened in the U.S. in 1787, the day that society deems so, the constitution could be changed, amended or abolished to spice up a new one that fits the new reality of the country or, in the present case, a whole new world and globalized scenario.    The day that Americans begin to hear from some of their political leaders the concept of the “Original or Native Power”, they must be properly prepared because it will be the beginning of the end of their extremely-simple and efficient constitution, the most ancient and functional of all constitutions in the Americas … and, perhaps, the modern world.

To achieve this new constitution, in a “constitutional” manner, the leader warns the people that their social, political and economic problems are so numerous and so severe, that they could only be solved by recasting (re-founding) the country through a new constitution.   To call upon a constituent assembly, the first thing will be to carry out a general referendum.   Through the use of electronic voting machines, victory would be easy to achieve.   These electronic voting machines would be used to elect the new Re-founding Fathers.   At the end, once the new constitution is written, they will resort another general referendum to approve or not the new constitution, something that the American Founding Fathers didn’t do back in 1787.   Once again the electronic voting machines would come into action and the country will have a new constitution that guarantees the originally-promised big change.   As the armed forces swear allegiance to the constitution, they will be guarantors of the new one and it will be the same with Congress and the Supreme Court.   Since the United States is a country of laws and Americans are shaped by a traditional democratic and republican spirit, they will have no choice but to comply.   One day, Americans will rise up in the morning with a new country and, above all, with a new system which will ensure, among other things, the perpetuation in power of those who passed and gave life to the new constitution, i.e. the “Re-Founding Fathers”.   Be aware of this and do not allow this to happen in America.

To be continued.