November 29, 2021

Obama ‘Wins,’ But Everybody Loses

As expected, the Republican leadership rolled over  and showed Obama their bellies, giving him everything he wanted from his shutdown puppet theater.

Obama got his debt ceiling raise, the bill to fund the government through the new year was passed, his Obamacare monster remains untouched, and most important, he got the chance to humiliate the Republican leadership.

The irony is that the GOP leaders seem to genuinely think they won something by stabbing upstarts like Ted Cruz in the back and tearing down the Tea Party. After all, they got their pat on the head from Obama.

It was a Pyrrhic victory. The Republican leaders think they’re putting out the trash in the Tea Party, but they’ve probably just guaranteed the end of the GOP.

The Tea Party rank-and-file and every other conservative group, from veterans to motorcyclists are awake now. They know they’ve been used as cannon fodder by their own leaders, and they know that Obama was using the shutdown to tick them off by inflicting maximum pain on the common man.

Obama wanted to make the public angry at the “Tea Party,” which he thinks runs the GOP. The GOP wanted to crush the “Tea Party,” which they think is just a handful of cranks.

They both miscalculated.

The Tea Party is a relatively small group, but its appeal cuts across a large swath of America, people who still believe in the Constitution, the principles of the Founding Fathers and opportunity for all.

Obama just ticked off a big chunk of the population, then when they heard him and the GOP complaining about the Tea Party, they knew the politicians were trying to blame them. It’s like a bully grabbing your wrists and asking why are you hitting yourself.

People subject to that kind of treatment tend to remember it.

Obama has just guaranteed the failure of his lame-duck term. The GOP leaders have just guaranteed their soon-to-be retirement.

While the only real winners in this “deal” are the international banks who will continue to drain our blood as we borrow more and more money, there is one other thing that’s been guaranteed by all the shenanigans in Washington.

The American people are now mad. Maybe, finally, fighting mad.

That may turn out to be a good thing.