August 12, 2022


To the Director of the Dept. of the Interior,

You have declared war on the American people and all veterans across this great nation.  Shame on you bastards for locking down parts of the United States from us free Americans.  We will not tolerate this Communist assault on our nation

Effective immediately any barricades erected will be torn down. Any road blocks to our national parks and monuments and memorials will be removed and or torn down. This is not your property to lock down this is the property of each state and the people of the United States who reside in this republic.  It does not belong to the Communist son of a bitch in the White House.   Can you read my lips  ?

At 0900 hours tomorrow morning all barricades and road blocks erected by the Communist forces in the National Park Service working under orders from the dictator Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Hussein Obama will be removed from the World War II memorial in Washington DC by retired US Navy SEALs, DELTA force and US Army Rangers.  I do not recommend you interfere in this military evolution.

Tomorrow morning we will set up a PA speaker system at the WORLD WAR II memorial and will  announce our terms for your surrender to the American people.   This will be led by Captain Larry Bailey US Navy SEAL Team 6 (retired) Special Operations Speaks. Don’t piss this man off.  I am stuck at the airport unable to get a flight up to DC so I am coordinating from the bunker. Don’t piss me off either, I’ve had enough of you as-holes in Washington.

We will ensure safe passage of all World War II veterans to their memorial and all memorials across the United States.

ALSO. The Florida Bay which is state owned waters in Key West has been illegally confiscated by the Communist forces in the federal government and all fishing has been denied .

Effective immediately we will ignore this order from the White House and soon we will soon have 1000 fishing boats fishing in these waters.   Do not interfere Communist forces or we will defend ourselves as per the Constitution. You figure out which Amendments.

The Dept. of the Interior Website lists climate change as a threat to our planet.  This is total BULLSHIT and I suggest you remove it before a hacker does.

Be advised we are not going to tolerate this Communist attack on our country anymore.  I would suggest you stand down before we put you down using all legal means under the Constitution.

Senior Chief Geoff Ross

US Navy retired

Navarre Florida