November 29, 2021


When a majority of “we the people” elected twice for office a President that promised change, little did we realize that we were choosing a clone of the television show Hogan’s Heroes Sergeant Schultz.   

In the aftermath of the many crisis that this administration has faced, and when faced with the usual questions of “who knew what and when?” the answer has mostly been “the President was not aware”.    This apparent lack of knowledge of the goings on in the running of the country has extended often to the Secretary level.    In “fast and furious”, Attorney General Eric Holder denied responsibility, and claimed “executive privilege”, even when facing evidence to the contrary.   

In the DOJ’s investigation of the AP leaks and indictment of a Fox News reporter, James Rosen as co-conspirator, our President claimed outrage, and action, but never responsibility.    Eric Holder testified lack of knowledge of the charge even in face of documents signed by him.    When our Ambassador in Libya was attacked in Benghazi, and then assassinated with three other Americans, our President has to this date failed to tell of his whereabouts.    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton denied awareness of the denial of repeated pleas for additional security by our Ambassador in spite of her signature in these denials.   

We do know that the next day, our President was campaigning in Las Vegas, and the Administration kept insisting that the obvious terrorist attack was a “demonstration against an obscure video”.    In the ongoing NSA surveillance of friendly nations including their leaders, President Obama told German Chancellor Angela Merkel, that he would have stopped the phone tapping if he had known.    Even when it is the most important legislation of his tenure, the Affordable Health Act, “Obamacare”, the White House and the Secretary of HRS Sebelius stated that our President did not know of the reported problems of its website prior to the launch.   

It begs the question “who is minding the store?”    It is troublesome, to say the least, that the lack of action and/or prevention of events is always been justified by ignorance!

Fernando J Milanes MD