August 12, 2022

Should Christians Enter the Political Arena?

Should Christians not even consider running for political office?

Should Christians not even consider running for political office?


Remember the Moral Majority, created by the late Jerry Falwell? It was an attempt to get more Christians involved in the political process to take back what progressives had taken. In some ways, it was good, but in other ways, it became too big for itself and the infighting began. While I tend to agree with Falwell that Christians have a right to be heard politically, I’m really not convinced that massive groups will do the trick. They could, but I often wonder whether or not God chooses specific individuals to jump into the political arena so that His specific purposes will be accomplished.

Of course, Christians always have the right to make their voices heard through the ballot box. The problem with that – at least on the national level – is that with the serious question of voter fraud, along with always having to vote for the lesser of the two evils, it seems as though this nation never makes any progress back to upholding the simple morals found within God’s law. Instead, our “leaders” pull us away from God and His moral high road at each turn.

It seems to me that more can be done at the local level because we see the problems and they can be corrected. I’m not saying that Christians need to go into politics and immediately begin an “overhaul” of their local area, but I do believe that Christians are obligated to fight for what is true and right. There are actually a number of situations and examples we see in Scripture that bear this out.

In other words, a true Christian, who is dedicated to serving the Lord and submitting to Him and His purposes, will simply carry that attitude into any elected office. They won’t become a firebrand necessarily, condemning those whom they believe are wrong, deliberately creating enemies (though enemies will be seen for who they are). They will simply live the Christian life, making decisions that bring glory to God. How can a true Christian do otherwise? The other possibility though, is that a Christian can get caught up in backroom deals and doing things that do not glorify God. We need to rely on Him for His strength.

But let me delve into some specifics. In this short, multi-part series, I want to take the time to look at the lives of several individuals from God’s Word to see how their lives were impacted by God’s grace and strength and how in turn, they impacted society without really even preaching the truths of God’s Word. In their daily walk (including their talk), it became obvious to others that these people were guided by a much higher purpose and their morals reflected it. We need to ask what we can take away from their example.

Before I get into one of those individuals, I’d like to note that I am running for a seat on my local city council. I have a 50% chance of winning or losing because I have one opponent. Even if I had 20, honestly, it would still be in the Lord’s hands.

My wife and I have discussed this potential foray into politics. If you were to ask me why I think God wants me to run, I would have to say that, apart from (hopefully) being a strong light of witness for Him, I really don’t know why. If I do not win, that doesn’t mean He didn’t have a purpose in my running for election.

But let’s take a quick look at Lot, the nephew of Abraham from Genesis, in this first part. Most are familiar with Lot and the fact that Abraham was his uncle. When it came time to go their separate ways (because they were both pasturing animals in the same area, which caused tension since there really wasn’t enough grass for all the herds), Lot chose the area toward Sodom and Gomorrah, twin cities near the Dead Sea.

The problem of course, was that Sodom/Gomorrah was destined for destruction due to the evil that was so prevalent there. Please notice though that Genesis 19:1 tells us, “The two angels came to Sodom in the evening, and Lot was sitting in the gate of Sodom.”

Lot sat at the gate. He didn’t sit there because he had nothing to do. He sat there because he was one of the individuals who arbitrated problems between people. In essence, he was part of a type of city council. The residents would come to these men who sat at the gate (making them easy to find) and they would explain their problems. These men at the gate would then make decisions based on testimony and/or any facts or physical evidence that could be presented and the people were to abide by that decision.

Lot did not use his position to necessarily stand up and preach to crowds. He simply made what he felt were righteous decisions based upon God’s moral code. Because his life was righteous (2 Peter 2:7) and he did his best to live up to obey God’s moral code, it was also obvious from the text that others took note of it. Genesis 19:9 says, “This fellow came to sojourn, and he has become the judge! Now we will deal worse with you than with them.”

This is an important statement made by one of the residents of Sodom. They originally saw Lot as someone who wanted to become part of their town. Over time, Lot very likely saw things he came to despise. The Lord may very well have pushed Lot into becoming one of the men who sat at the gate to counteract the evil that was obvious in every portion of the city. Because the men of the town lived for evil, who knows what kind of decisions they arrived at and how often they succumbed to bribes while also sitting at the gate?

Lot was different because his life was different. It not only showed, but the men of Sodom came to hate Lot because of it. He stood for truth and righteousness. They stood for evil and moral decay. By his presence with the others who sat at the gate, Lot provided a living testimony that was in very stark contrast to the lives of those who lived to do evil.

As times get darker today and more difficult in many ways, Christians will stand out more solely because the light that shines in and through us will appear brighter compared to the level of darkness. It is very possible that God may call upon you to join the political process in your area. He may want to use you to provide a witness of His light, His love, and His truth to those who live in darkness.

We’ll be back next time with a look at another individual from the Bible who provides an impeccable witness to those living in darkness around him. Join me then.