January 26, 2022


They’re at it again.

This week news broke that a recent briefing to Army soldiers at Camp Shelby in Mississippi featured and endorsed dangerous and false left-wing anti-Christian propaganda. In this briefing, Fox News writer Todd Starnes reports that U.S. Army troops were explicitly led to believe that the American Family Association (AFA) — a Christian ministry — was a “hate group” which soldiers should avoid at all costs.

To make matters worse, in the presentation AFA was falsely associated with Rev. Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church, a group that causes great pain to families of fallen soldiers. Phelps was pictured holding a sign with a vile slogan alongside information on AFA — a classic propaganda technique. The message was clear: A Christian group that many soldiers go to for inspiration, education, and encouragement was to be avoided by U.S. military personnel.

It would be bad enough if this were the first time, but it’s happened before. This latest incident follows a clear and emerging pattern of indoctrination which seems to parrot the talking points of the liberal, anti-Christian Southern Poverty Law Center — a group whose work has been connected in federal court with domestic terrorism. Earlier this year a similar incident was uncovered in which Catholics and evangelical Christians were demonized as extremists during a military training briefing that used SPLC’s talking points. The license given to the trainers of our military to use leftist propaganda to intimidate Christians must stop. Separating our troops from Christian organizations they support and draw encouragement from must end now.

Please join me in signing our petition to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to call for an end to the intimidation of our troops in training them with anti-Christian left-wing propaganda.

Sign the petition to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to call for protecting the religious freedom of our troops and stopping their harassment by left-wing anti-Christian training propaganda


Lt. Gen. (US Army-Ret.) William “Jerry” Boykin
Executive Vice President