August 12, 2022

We have the bad guys in the halls of power

Erick Stakelbeck reveals Muslim Brotherhood’s quiet invasion of America

“People would be shocked to know about the Muslim Brotherhood presence in the United States,” terrorist expert Erick Stakelbeck told an interviewer recently. “They are here.”

Stakelbeck was appearing as a guest of Sid Roth on “It’s Supernatural!” the new television program available through WND-TV.


“Individuals with strong ties to the global Muslim Brotherhood network absolutely are advising our government, the U.S. government, on its counterterrorism and Middle East policies. This is the epitome of the fox guarding the hen house,” Stakelbeck continued. “And you wonder why America’s Middle East policies right now are kind of a mess and we see all this chaos in the Middle East? We have the bad guys, the Brotherhood, in the halls of power and in our lawmakers’ ears.”

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Over the course of the interview, Stakelbeck discusses the Brotherhood, which was was formed in Egypt in 1928, later cooperated with Nazi Germany to extend the slaughtering of Jews, and gave rise to both al-Qaida and Hamas, the terror organization that calls itself the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Now, Stakelbeck points out, the Brotherhood is extending its branches throughout Europe and the United States.

He points out, for example, the attendance of Mohamed Majid of the Brotherhood-affiliated Islamic Society of North America at the White House’s annual Iftar Dinner, commemorating the Muslim month of Ramadan.

He also points out Mohamed Morsi, the ousted Brotherhood leader of Egypt, joined the Muslim Brotherhood not in Cairo somewhere, but as a student at the University of Southern California.

Now, with the aid of billions of dollars in Saudi oil money, Stakelbeck says, the Brotherhood is building mosques across the U.S. and infiltrating every sphere of American power, from academia to media to the government itself.

Stakelbeck explains today’s leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, in fact, aren’t bound by turban and beard, hiding out in caves like other terrorists, but are Western educated, fluent in English and out in the open.

“But that charming facade and veneer hides a sinister agenda,” Stackelbeck claims, “and at the end of the day they share the same goals as al-Qaida.”

What are those goals?

Stakelbeck points to a document he says was recovered in a raid of a Muslim Brotherhood operative’s home by Swiss authorities. According to the document, Stakelbeck says, the Brotherhood has outlined a four-step plan for “destroying Western civilization from within,” four steps already under full swing in America:

  1. Mass immigration
  2. Proselytizing
  3. Building mosques
  4. Get jobs in the halls of power.

Watch the entire interview below:



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