December 8, 2021

What is Happening in America?

ENEMY EXPATRIATION BILL COULD LEAD TO INDEFINITE DETENTION OF AMERICANSWhere is America today? Our beloved America is in a state of decline. America is the greatest country in human history. No other country in the world has better protected individual freedoms and religious liberty at home and abroad. Since the beginning of the 20th Century, no country on Earth has been able to match our prosperity and our strength. America achieved victory in World War I and World War II. Yet, the only territory that America asked from the defeated countries was a piece of land to bury our soldiers. No other country in the world has ever done that and been so generous.

In 2008, in an election that was marked by wide-spread fraud, the United States elected its first Marxist president in the nation’s 230-year history, Barack Hussein Obama.Obamacare tells you which docs you can, can’t see This president is truly a master of deceit. Obama is the greatest con-man ever elected to the highest office in the land. Using the tactics and teachings of his spiritual mentor, Saul Alinsky, Senator Obama ran as a moderate, centrist, unifier, and post-racial presidential candidate while hiding his extreme radical past and ideas.

Millions were enchanted by this charismatic African American presidential candidate who skillfully employed demagogy and fake rhetoric using teleprompters. Obama appeared to be a skilled and articulate orator. However, without a  teleprompter, he had difficulty speaking eloquently.

Obama presented himself in 2008 as a candidate who would transcend partisan politics. He ran the presidential campaign with empty slogans such as “Yes we can” and “We are the ones you’ve been waiting for” and many people were fooled. His effective presidential campaign allowed people to see in him what they wanted to see. The established press failed catastrophically to inform the American public regarding his radical past. Obama promised to unite us, balanced the budget, and solve all of our problems here and abroad. Obama even said the oceans of the world will stop rising because of his election.

Many years from now, if the United States is still a free nation, historians will wonder how Barack Obama, a man lacking national and executive experience and devoid of professional accomplishments, could have been elected president. Future historians will be astounded that a community organizer/agitator, with a mediocre career as a state senator and four unaccomplished years in the Senate, won the highest office in the land. Historians will ask how the American people could have voted for a narcissist and inexperienced Marxist pro-Muslim politician, who has been associated with communists, socialists, terrorists, and radicals of all kinds during his entire life. They will also wonder how after a failed presidency, Obama could have been reelected in 2012. Most likely, the answer will be that team Obama committed massive fraud on both elections and the mainstream pro-Obama media looked the other way.

The war of Obama and the radical left against Christians and Jews

Many books and articles have been written about the war that the extreme radical left and President Barack Obama since 2009 have been waging against our Judeo-Christian values, which made our nation the greatest in the world. David Limbaugh wrote a book entitled Persecution: How Liberals are Waging War Against Christianity (2004). He explained the blatant discrimination against Christians in American society. Christians are frequently subjected to ridicule and disdain and denied their religious freedoms. Limbaugh pointed out that the anti-Christian discrimination happens in a variety of places throughout our society, from the public sector to the private sector, in the established media and in Hollywood. Additionally, it occurs in the public education system and in our universities. The discrimination frequently comes from activist judges misinterpreting the law. He regrets that even though there is a significant body of law protecting religious liberties, the law is not always followed.

David Limbaugh explained that the anti-Christian discrimination is becoming more widespread every day. The Founders of our nation believed that religious freedom was of utmost importance and that is why they wrote the First Amendment to the Constitution protecting freedom of conscience and freedom of religion. Limbaugh exposed the liberal hypocrisy of promoting political correctness while discriminating against Christianity. Limbaugh urged Christians to fight back to restore their First Amendment right of religious freedom. This book is a call to arms for Christians to reclaim their rightful place in society.

Pastor Rick Scarborough founder and president of Vision America challenged Christians to become politically involved and he gave practical steps on how they can do this at every level of government, from the local school board to presidential elections. Pastor Scarborough explained that “were not for Christians, there would be no America”. Christians founded this country on more biblical principles than any other nation in history. He wrote the following: “Christians is what made this country the greatest nation on Earth and provided more freedom for more people than any other nation in history. Of the 56 men who met in Philadelphia to write the Constitution, there is evidence that 53 of them were professing Christian believers. There were not all of the same denomination, but all profess a long and high regard for Jesus Christ….As they came up with the Republic, based on the Judeo-Christian principles of the Old and New Testament.” He regretted that today that freedom is greatly threatened by “the evil religion of secular humanism and promoted by the most anti-Christian groups bent on removing our nation from its religious and moral foundation.”

Rick Scarborough wrote a second book entitled Mixing Church and State God’s Way (2011). He regretted that the Congress, at the request of the Obama administration, passed a law calling for the end of the ban for homosexuals serving in the military. He explained that Barack Obama has taken it upon himself to apologize to the world and to say that our nation is not a Christian nation but rather a secular country where we have one of the largest Muslim population in the world.

Barack Obama stated in June 2009 that the United States is one of the largest Muslim countries in the world. Of course, the president was completely wrong in his desire to express his love for Islam and Muslims. There are an estimated 5,000,000 to 8,000,000 Muslims in the United States which constitutes less than 3% of the nation’s population. Indonesia has 213 million Muslims, Pakistan 156 million, and Bangladesh 127 million. There are at least 23 nations that have more Muslims than the United States.

After his reelection in 2012, President Obama has promoted homosexual marriage and a regulation in Obamacare mandates unconstitutionally that religious organizations must offer their employees insurance plans that cover abortions, sterilizations, and contraceptives. This regulation goes against biblical principles and violates the First Amendment of the Constitution. The Catholic Church, as well as many other Protestant organizations, universities, and churches, have declared that they will not comply with this regulation. Failure to follow this illegal and unconstitutional regulation will result in heavy fines. The churches have declared themselves to be in civil disobedience for the first time ever in our nation. This is a clear example of Barack Obama’s war against Christianity and Judeo-Christian values.

Pastor Scarborough wants Christians to be politically involved. He pointed out that the United States was ordained to be “One nation, under God” and that our coinage is stamped, “in God we Trust”. He explained that our Declaration of Independence says that we are “endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, explained that the assault on Christianity by those who want it eradicated from American society is very real and frightening. He gave a multitude of examples of how Christians are discriminated everywhere in the nation. The problem is brought about by the radical secular activists, who more than anything, want to destroy the Judeo-Christian heritage of our nation and Western civilization.

S.E. Cupp wrote a book called Losing our Religion: Why the Liberal Media Want to Tell You What to Think, Where to Pray, and How to Live (2010). She pointed out that the biased liberal media want to marginalize Christians and erode the Judeo-Christian values on which this country was founded.

Cupp accused Barack Obama for his blatant disregard for religious America. She wrote the following: “And now, with careful, covert nudges from the Obama administration, the revolution (against Christianity) that began decades ago has gained unprecedented momentum… And on the very day he was sworn in, Obama delivered another slight to religious America when he became the first president in the history of the United States to mention atheists, calling America a nation of, among other things, nonbelievers. He would, over the course of his first year, go on to regularly put nonbelievers on the same plane as the religious faithful.”

The liberal media and the president, the author pointed out, are fighting a war with the singular purpose to overthrow God and silence Christian America. She urged Christians “to push back the leftist propaganda put out on the Internet, radio, television, in films, publishing, and print journalism.”

The war against Christianity and religion by Obama has intensified over time and now he is trying to shamefully eliminate religion from the Armed Forces of our nation. The magazine Whistleblower, a monthly publication from WND, dedicated an entire issue to this topic in June 2013. The magazine entitled “Obama’s War on Christians” ran many articles on this topic. Joseph Farah, founder, editor, and CEO of WND, wrote an article called “Banning Christianity from the Armed Forces.” He explained that recently Christian evangelism within the U.S. military is forbidden.

Farah wrote that “the Air Force has created a document with the directive that leaders of all levels (including chaplains) may not promote their personal religious belief to their subordinates or to extend presidential treatment for any religion.” He pointed out that retired Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin, who is vice president of Family Research Council, stated the following regarding the war against Christians in the military: “This has the potential to destroy military recruiting across the services as Americans realize that their faith will be suppressed by joining the military. Our brave troops deserve better. If chaplains and other personnel are censored from offering the full solace of the Gospel, there is not religious freedom in the military.” All of these anti-religious actions by the Obama administration are unconstitutional.

Obama’s disastrous economic policy

Once elected, Barack Obama has seriously hurt our economy with trillion dollar annual deficits that have increased the national debt to almost $17 trillion. Unfortunately, the real debt is much larger. When one includes the enormous and unsustainable debt of the 50 states, thousands of counties, and cities as well as the unfunded mandates of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare, the real debt is estimated to be $200 trillion. The once most prosperous city in the nation, Detroit, filed for bankruptcy. In reality, the United States is as indebted as the Europeans.

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan wrote a book entitled The Map and the Territory: Risk, Human Nature and the Future of Forecasting (2013). Greenspan served as Federal Reserve Chairman from 1987 to 2006. He explained in his book that the failure to address our deficit spending could cause a financial crisis and topple our economy from its world-leading place. Greenspan wrote the following: “Unconstrained deficit spending represents the United States’ number one domestic economic problem. At risk is the status the American economy has held as the pre-eminent world economic power for more than a century…Our highest priority going forward is to fix our broken political system. Short of that there is no viable long-term solution to our badly warped economy.” Of course, the president is the one most responsible for our warped economy and broken political system.

President Obama has implemented damaging anti-business policies and regulations, which have created a climate of uncertainty, that makes our businesses and corporations reluctant to invest in new plants and equipment and hire additional personnel. The president has never understood that one cannot be pro-jobs and anti-businesses. The government does not grow jobs, it is the private enterprise that creates employment.

The nation has experienced the largest loss of jobs in recent history. After almost five years in power, Obama has given the nation high unemployment and anemic economy recovery. Hispanics and African-Americans voted overwhelmingly for Obama on both elections in spite of the fact that the unemployment among Hispanics and African Americans is the highest in recent history.

One of the saddest results of Obamanomics is the fact that approximately 50% of university graduates do not find employment in the field that they majored in college. Many young graduates have been saddled with enormous debts that they are unable to pay since they are underemployed or employed on a part-time basis.

Obama has created a culture of dependency where millions are receiving a multitude of government assistance. Sadly, there are now more takers than doers in our nation. Approximately 50% of Americans do not pay any federal income tax. There are more than 47 million Americans who are now receiving food stamps and the cost of the program has more than doubled over the last five years. One out of every seven Americans is currently receiving food stamps. The food stamps program costs the nation $80 billion a year.

The House of Representatives voted on September 19, 2013 to cut nearly $4 billion a year from the food stamps program, which represents a 5% reduction. The bill would end government waivers that have allowed able-bodied adults without dependents to receive food stamps indefinitely. The bill would also allow states to put in place new work requirements for many food stamps recipients.

The Federal Reserve Bank (the Fed) has been printing over a trillion dollars annually out of thin air to artificially improve the economy without success. The result will be that the value of the dollar will seriously deteriorate in the near future. The Federal Reserve Bank is neither federal nor has any reserves. It was created by a banking cartel made up of billionaire Americans and Europeans in 1913. Some of the descendents of the banking cartel that founded the Fed, as well as the banking cartels that were set in various European countries, also created the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in 1930. BIS is the central bank of all the central banks in the world, most of which are still owned by banking cartels. BIS is located in Basel, Switzerland.

Since his election in 2008, Barack Obama has not attempted to reform the entitlement programs, which are all economically unsustainable. According to The Kiplinger Letter of August 2013, the interest payments on the national debt will nearly quadrupled by 2024 as the federal debt keeps rising each year. The Kiplinger Letter pointed out that the costs for Medicare and Social Security will drastically increase as 10,000 people a day will turn 65 for the next 17 years, adding 30 millions to America’s senior citizen ranks. The Kiplinger Letter explained that the Medicare trust fund will be exhausted in 2026. In 2033, the Social Security trust fund, which has been accumulating for over 75 years, will run completely out of money. The president has been most negligent by not reforming the entitlements of our nation. The longer the nation waits to reform entitlements, the worse it will be since taxes will have to increase and benefits will have to be reduced drastically.

Obama’s disastrous foreign policy

Obama is seen by our allies and enemies as a weak, indecisive, erratic, and unreliable president. His foreign policy has been an abysmal failure, especially when dealing with Russia and China as well as Syria and the Middle East. In 2009, Obama betrayed the Czech Republic and Poland by canceling the missile defense system negotiated by President George W. Bush in an effort not to anger the Russians. Incredibly, President Obama did not ask Russia for a “quid pro quo,” or something in return, for giving in to this demand from Russia. In fact, Obama abandoned Eastern Europe to Russia.

Obama also abandoned Iraq after our nation had lost thousands of American lives and spent over $1 trillion in that war. The United States withdrew all of its armed forces from Iraq without leaving any military bases behind. Obama, with this major blunder, effectively gave the Shiite government of Iraq to the Shiite government of Iran. For the last 2 1/2 years, Iraq has allowed Iran to transport its soldiers and weapons across Iraq’s territory to resupply its forces and assist the Assad regime in Syria.

Obama has not even complained to the government of Iraq that is now helping our Iranian enemy. Today, Iraq is in complete chaos as Shiites and Sunnis continue to fight each other in a never-ending civil war. Now Obama is withdrawing our troops from Afghanistan. As soon as our troops withdraw completely from Afghanistan, the Taliban and its al Qaeda ally will return to power. As in Iraq, all our sacrifice in American blood and treasury in Afghanistan will be wasted.

President Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood achieve power in Egypt and that has turned out to be a complete fiasco. The military was forced to overthrow the dictatorial Muslim Brotherhood government presided by Mohammed Morsi, who brought chaos and poverty to Egypt. Today, the military-backed Egyptian government has arrested the most important leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. The current government is also eliminating the terrorist groups operating in the Sinai Peninsula which threaten the traffic through the Suez Canal.

The president showed his ineptitude and inexperience as commander-in-chief one more time with his zigzagging policy during the recent debacle in Syria. Obama has a tendency to speak before he thinks and in foreign policy this is disastrous.

First, the president stated that was going to strike militarily the Syrian regime, without asking permission from Congress, for its use of chemical weapons against its people. Then, he changed his mind and decided to go to Congress to ask permission for a limited military strike. However, when Obama found out that the majority of Republicans and Democrats in Congress, with the support of the American people, were going to vote against his resolution, he asked for a postponement of the vote.

Secretary of State John Kerry said in an informal remark in London that if Syria were to turned in its chemical weapons, there would be no need for a military strike against that nation. Russia came forward and said that its Syrian ally could be persuaded to give up those weapons, thus, saving Barack Obama from a catastrophic defeat of his resolution to strike Syria before Congress. After a few days of negotiation with Russia, the United States compromised and brought an agreement before the United Nations Security Council. On September 25, 2013, the five permanent members of the Security Council agreed on a resolution that will require Syria to give up its chemical arsenal. However, there will be no automatic penalties if the Syrians failed to comply with this resolution. It is expected that the rest of the members of the Security Council will vote in favor of the resolution.

Under this agreement, international monitors will inspect in November 2013 all of the sites that Syria declared it had chemical weapons. The entire arsenal of chemical weapon is to be eliminated by the middle of 2014. However, many knowledgeable experts are concerned that the process may become very lengthy, as it was during the 1990s when the United Nations wanted to inspect Saddam Hussein’s arsenal in Iraq. It may indeed be a plot by Russia and Syria to engage in prolonged negotiations while the Syrian regime keeps its chemical arsenal.

Experts on Iran, as well as the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, are very skeptical of the offer by Iran to negotiate with the United States regarding its nuclear weapons program. Many believe that Iran is not serious and that it just wants additional time, for the nation to acquire nuclear weapons. Israel does not have any faith that President Obama will ever bomb the Iranian nuclear sites after his blunders in Syria. The Israelis now know that if Iran is to be stopped, they must do it themselves.

In essence, Barack Obama has become a junior partner to Vladimir Putin. The Russian dictator has now become the power broker in the Middle East at the expense of the United States. Our allies are wondering if Obama cannot keep Putin in line, how is the president going to deal with China and Iran. Obama has said that the important area for the United States is Asia. However, American allies such as Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, and Taiwan have to wonder whether the United States´ commitment to defend them is real in the face of an increasingly imperialist China.

China is well aware that there is a weak president residing in the White House. In 2012, China told the Foreign Minister of Australia, Bob Carr, that Australia would have to choose between China and the United States. China has continued to wage cyber warfare against our nation and is stealing our most precious industrial and military secrets. China is also engaged in a currency war with the United States. Russia and China are trying to destroy the dollar as an international currency.

Obama’s misguided foreign policy has brought a serious loss of American power and prestige throughout the world. He has made the United States less powerful and less respected in the world. The United States is truly a superpower in retreat. Americans now face three more years of an incompetent president who will further damage our national security interests. Can the damage that Obama has done, and the damage that he is likely to do in the future, be reversed by our next president? Let’s hope so and pray to God that the next president can begin the difficult task of repairing and restoring American power throughout the world.

During the 2012 presidential campaign, both President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden told the nation repeatedly that al Qaeda had been defeated. Both of them knew that this was not true as al Qaeda is getting stronger in the Middle East and Africa.

On September 23, 2013, al Qaeda-linked al Shabab terrorists, based in neighboring Somalia, attacked the Westgate Premier Shopping Mall in Nairobi, Kenya. The al Shabab terrorists, who included three born in the United States, murdered at least 68 Christians and other nonbelievers of Islam. The death toll will rise since many are still unaccountable as part of the roof collapsed. Among those killed were the president of Kenya’s nephew and his fiancée, and three British. Five Americans were among the many wounded. An estimated 10 to 15 Islamic terrorists used grenades, AK-47 rifles, and machine guns in this cowardly attack. The terrorists asked questions on Islam and those that did not answer correctly were immediately killed. The terrorists ordered Muslims to leave the shopping center.

There are over 1.5 billion Muslims throughout the world. It is estimated that approximately 10% are jihadists who believe that it is their duty to kill or enslaved infidels, as the nonbeliever of Islam are known. These Islamic terrorists follow the strict interpretation of the Koran which states that nonbelievers are to be killed or subjugated. The jihadists want to destroy the United States and establish a worldwide Islamic caliphate. The Islamic jihadists have an unholy alliance with communists to destroy the United States.

President Obama has never spoken to the nation clearly regarding this specific threat to our national security. He has never said that Islamic jihadists would like to kill or enslave all Christians and Jews, as well as others who are not followers of Islam. Quite the contrary, the president has allowed members of the Muslim Brotherhood to rewrite the manuals of the Department of Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, and the Pentagon that are used to teach about Islam. Members of the Muslim Brotherhood are also rewriting our world history and textbooks to expunge any criticism of Islam or its prophet. Information suppression is the first step to conquer the United States and the Western nations. Even worse, President Barack Obama has hired members of the Muslim Brotherhood for important posts in his administration. His own brother, Malik Obama, is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and works in Egypt and Sudan to advance its objectives.

Retired General Robert Scales, the former commander of the U.S. Army War College, wrote in The Washington Post that “none of the White House staff have any experience in war or understand it.” Unfortunately, the same is true of President Obama. The United States has an amateur commander-in-chief as president. The secretaries of State and Defense are also inept. President Obama has the worst foreign policy record of any previous president, including Jimmy Carter. His actions and decisions, of course, endanger our national security. In the United States, Obama has assumed dictatorial powers, but outside our borders, our enemies do not fear, nor respect him. He is omnipotent at home and impotent abroad!

Americans of Cuban origin are very concerned about Obama

Many people born in Cuba, who had the unfortunate experience of living under a tyrannical, bloody, and oppressive Communist regime, have been and continue to be very alarmed at the domestic and foreign policies of President Barack Obama. This president reminds Cubans so much of the early days of the Castro regime. The majority of Cubans and their American-born children and grandchildren, who are very fortunate to live in this great nation, see with great trepidation America´s decline as a world superpower.

Freedom-loving Cubans saw how their country, which was one of the top among the economically advanced nations of Latin America, turned into a poverty-stricken country where the standard of living has become among the worse in the Western Hemisphere. Cubans understand the deficiencies of a socialist system and a command economy. The communist economic system has enormous inefficiencies and has a negative impact on businesses and industry. All communist countries bring not only tyranny but also massive poverty.

In 1952, a former president and retired general, Fulgencio Batista, overthrew a democratically-elected president in Cuba. President Batista was a dictator but the free market economy continued and businesses prospered. Cuba had no inflation and the Cuban peso had the same value as the dollar. Prior to 1959, one could exchange unlimited amount of pesos one-to-one with the American dollar. Although Cuba was a developing nation, it had a thriving economy and its per capita income, education, and social services ranked among the highest in Latin America.

The Cuban people wanted democracy. Opposition to the Batista government increased as time went on. On July 26, 1953,  Fidel Castro with 140 rebels stormed the Moncada army barrack in Santiago de Cuba killing many soldiers. Together with his brother Raul, he was captured, sent to trial, and sentenced to 20 years in prison. The death penalty was banned in Cuba until Fidel Castro came to power and began to execute opponents with firing squads.

While in prison, the Castro brothers had television and frequent visits. Fidel Castro wrote articles in Cuban magazines since President Batista tolerated a certain amount of freedom of the press. Some of the articles against President Batista were highly critical of his government. After two years in prison the Castro brothers and other followers were released. President Batista declared a general amnesty and released all political prisoners at the request of Congress and civic society.

Castro left for Mexico and with the help of communists, like Che Guevara, eventually returned to Cuba. His revolution received enormous assistance from middle class students and others who were fighting in the cities. Like Obama, Castro concealed his Marxist philosophy and deceived the Cuban people. Only after three years of Castro having established his communist dictatorship, Castro cynically admitted that if he had said that he was a Marxist Leninist since the time he was a student at the University of Havana, he would have never been able to come down from the Sierra Maestra Mountains. He was, like Obama, a master of deceit. During the first three years of his regime, Fidel Castro constantly denied that he was a communist. He admitted to being a communist only crushing all of his opponents.

With the financial support of the rich, Castro toppled Batista and assumed power in January 1959. While he was fighting Batista in the Sierra Maestra Mountains of eastern Cuba, the people did not pay attention to the many communists who were fighting with Fidel Castro. The Cuban people, like the Americans with Obama, failed to examine Fidel Castro´s background. Almost all Cubans believed the false promises made by Fidel Castro of reinstating a democratic government, reestablishing the Cuban Constitution of 1940, which respected human rights, and working towards a brighter future for all the people.

Unfortunately, the same thing happened in the United States when the established liberal media with its hatred towards the Republican Party failed catastrophically to examine the extreme radical background of Senator Barack Obama. If the media would have done its job adequately, it would have discovered that Obama has been surrounded by communists, socialists, and all kinds of radicals, including Islamic radicals, during his entire life.

After being trained by the Central Intelligence Agency in Guatemala, this writer, at the age of 17, together with his brother, cousins, and friends invaded Cuba at the Bay of Pigs in an effort to eradicate communism in the country of his birth. The battle was lost in 1961 due to the failure of the Kennedy administration to follow through with the original plan prepared by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Central Intelligence Agency. It was an act of criminal negligence to sent 1,500 invaders to defeat a strong Soviet-supplied army of over 200,000 soldiers without the planned naval and air support. The 1,176 prisoners of war of the Assault Brigade 2506 were sentenced to 30 years of imprisonment at hard labor.  After 20 months of imprisonment, the soldiers and officers of the Brigade were released as the result of successful negotiations between the United States and Cuba.

While in prison, this writer lost 60 pounds and contracted dysentery and hepatitis as the result of drinking polluted water that had dead rats in it. Prisoners of war in the Isle of Pines prison suffered skin diseases due to the lack of hygiene. They were kept in complete isolation without letters or visits. They were denied soap, toothpaste, and toilet paper for seven months and slept on the bare floor, like sardines in a can.

Prisoners in Cuba´s gulags were denied medicines and medical treatment and were frequently beaten and abused. The 214 prisoners of the Brigade 2506 in the Isle of Pines, together with 5,000 other prisoners kept in circular buildings, went on a three-day hunger strike without water due to the abusive beatings and the horrendous food that they were being given. Female family members of the prisoners were stripped naked and insulted, including this writer’s elderly grandmother, when they came to the infrequent visits in the Castillo del Príncipe prison in Havana. If the prisoners of war of the Brigade 2506 had known at the time that this was occurring, they would have asked their families to stop coming to visit them.

The communist takeover of Cuba changed the life of this writer forever and that of his entire family. The writer’s family 3,300 acre cattle ranch, home, automobiles, and bank accounts were confiscated in Cuba. This writer witnessed how the Cuban people ignored the warnings that suggested that Fidel Castro and many of his followers were communists. Most people believed in Fidel Castro’s false promises of free elections, respect of individual freedoms, and the establishment of a democratic government. Instead, the Cuban people have endured a bloody dictatorship for almost 54 years in a country 90 miles away from the United States. Sadly, the same thing has happened in this great nation with the false promises made by of Barack Obama during the presidential campaigns. The only promise that Obama kept was his intent to fundamentally transform our society.

This writer is the only Hispanic, in a nation of more than 54 million Hispanics, who has written three books in Spanish on Barack Obama. The first one was entitled ¿Obama o McCain? (2008) and the second one El verdadero Obama: Sus conexiones marxistas, socialistas y radicales (2010). The third book, ¿Obama o Romney?,  was published on September 11, 2012 and it can be purchased at Amazon or at the bookstore Impacto in Miami, Florida. This book has 480 pages and 38 pictures. It has a complete biography of both President Obama and Governor Romney and a detailed description of the failed presidency of Barack Obama. This writer explained the atrocious record of President Obama, on both domestic and foreign policies, which has made him the worst president in the history of our nation.

Not since the worse days of the Second World War and the Cold War has America been in greater danger than today. This nation currently faces a multitude of threats, both domestically and internationally

This beloved nation, that accepted Cubans as political refugees, is looking more and more as a totalitarian socialist nation, such as the one described by George Orwell in his novel 1984. It is most unfortunate that Big Brother has arrived in the land of Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln.

Obama’s road to a one world socialist government under the United Nations

America has a president who does not believe in American exceptionalism. Shortly after taking office, in 2009, Obama was asked in London if he believed in American exceptionalism. He responded by saying that “I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism.” Obama was sarcastic and dismissive of the notion that America is special. The president does not share the values of the American people, nor does he feel proud of being an American. On the contrary, Barack Obama considers himself a citizen of the world. He is the only president in history who does not believe in American exceptionalism. Obama is not proud that our patriots fought in the American Revolution and created the first democratic constitutional Republic in modern time. He is certainly not proud of the Constitution that our Founders gave us, since the has repeatedly violated the Constitution and its Bill of Rights from the time he was elected into office.

Today in the United States our liberty, our Constitution, and our sovereignty are under serious assault by the corrupt and abusive Obama administration. Obama has been conducting an assault also on religion, moral values, the Judeo-Christian tradition, representative constitutional democracy, and the rule of law.

Obama wants to take our nation on the road to a one-world socialist government under the United Nations (U.N.), but controlled by a powerful wealthy elite who belong to the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, and the Council of Foreign Relations. The president wants the Senate to approve a series of treaties of the United Nations that will give away our sovereignty and our wealth. President Obama and his globalist friends and associates want to eliminate our democracy and sovereignty and surrender us to the rule of unelected U.N. bureaucrats controlled by a powerful elite.

These diabolical treaties of the United Nations include the following:

  • regulating the Internet
  • controlling the seas and oceans and taxing off-shore drilling
  • requiring gun control and eventually universal disarmament
  • abolishing our currency and implanting a world-wide currency established by the International Monetary Fund (IMF)
  • imposing a world tax on financial transactions, airlines tickets, and so forth
  • making it illegal to wage war without U.N. approval
  • imposing a global environmental protection agency with mandatory carbon emission limits and other job-killing unreasonable environmental regulations
  • controlling outer space and our space weapons
  • establishing an international court of justice that will supersede our courts
  • imposing Agenda 21 to eventually abolish private property
  • implanting a global wealth redistribution plan to take our wealth away and making us poorer.


America is at risk

Unfortunately, many people in the United States did not pay close attention to Obama´s background, record as president, and all far-left appointments and reelected the most radical president in our history. But did the majority of American people really voted for him? The 2012 presidential election, as the previous one, was marked by massive fraud and irregularities.

Barack Obama has been associated his entire life with communists, socialists, and radicals who believe that the end justifies the means. More than 58 million people, just like this writer, voted against Obama in 2012, representing almost half of the popular vote. Mitt Romney made a great mistake by not discussing during the presidential campaign Obama’s socialist ideology and his extreme radical past and present friendships.

Ezra Taft Benson, who served as President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Secretary of Agriculture, gave a lecture at a university in 1966 and explained a conversation that he had with Soviet Union’s Premier Nikita Khrushchev. Benson said that Khrushchev told him the following: “Your grandchildren will live under communism. You, Americans, are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright, but we will keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you finally wake up finding that you already have communism. We will not have to fight you. We will so weaken your economy until you fall like overripe fruit into our hands.”

In 1991 when the Berlin Wall fell down and Germany reunited, and later the Soviet Union disintegrated, Americans thought they had won the Cold War. But communists, socialists, and their radical friends in the United States and the world did not disappear. They mutated and continued to work to take power using deceit. Like the devil, communists have convinced us that they do not exist.

Over the years, communists and left-wing radicals have infiltrated civil society, including our colleges and universities, labor unions, churches, political parties, the mainstream media, and other organizations to advance their agenda. Our young students, known as the Millennials, who have been exposed to these radical leftist professors to the extent that, according to the Pew Research Center, they have a positive feeling to the word “socialism” and a negative feeling for the word “capitalism.”

This poll results are completely different to the reactions of every other age group in America. The Pew poll, of course, explains why the young people voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama. The accusations that Barack Obama was a socialist did not bother them. Obviously, the public schools, colleges, and universities need to start teaching about the benefits of capitalism and a free market economy and the dangers of a socialist command economy which brings poverty to all.

In 1995, communists took over the largest union in the nation, the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), and soon after COMMUNIST RALLYother unions were taken over, such as the powerful Service Employees International Union (SEIU). Prior to 1995, George Meany, the president of the AFL-CIO, was a strong anti-communist.

The liberal professors of Schools of Journalism at colleges and universities have been graduating students with the same philosophy. The graduates are then promptly hired by the pro-Democratic established media. It is no wonder that the media, with few exceptions, seemed to have newspapers and television reporters that were part of the Obama presidential campaign in both 2008 and 2012. The pro-Obama media failed to tell the truth to the American people about Obama’s past and present connections to communists, socialists, and other radicals. This media covered up the misguided policies of the president.

Next, communists, socialists, and extreme radicals began to infiltrate the Democratic Party. With millions given by radical unions to extreme leftist Democrats, they were able to elect many of them as mayors and to the city councils across the nation and to both houses of Congress.

Trevor Loudon, a New Zealander who is a world-wide expert on communism in the United States and the world, wrote a most informative book entitled The Enemies Within: Communist, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress (2013). He exposed and profiled 14 senators and more than 50 U.S. representatives and their ties to the Communist Party USA, Democratic Socialists of America, Workers World Party, the Institute for Policies Studies, Council for a Livable World and other radical anti-American organizations. As a result, Congress has moved further and further to the left. The radical wing of the Democratic Party founded the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Its first chairman was the Marxist Senator Bernie Sanders

Our premier city in the nation, New York, will elect Bill De Blasio as mayor, a Marxist who worked closely with the communist Sandinista regime in Nicaragua during the 1980s. This Marxist politician also honeymooned in communist Cuba. He will soon begin the radical transformation of New York City with the help of our Marxist President Obama.

The Communist Party USA, the Democratic Socialists of America, and other extreme radicals were finally able to elect one of their own to the White House in 2008. Americans now have a president who wants to fundamentally transform the United States into a socialist nation.  President Obama was able to give more power to the radical progressive wing of the Democratic Party and to marginalize the centrist Democrats.

Our nation now has a president who is feeding us increasingly larger doses of socialism. He is president who has no respect for the rule of law and who disdains and constantly violates our Constitution. Barack Obama governs illegally and unconstitutionally through executive decrees and government regulations that have the effect of laws. He has destroyed the Congressional separation and balance of powers of our Constitution.  His administration is most corrupt. Obama´s abuse of power is the worst of any president in our history, including Richard M. Nixon. He is assuming more and more dictatorial powers as time goes on.

This writer has lived in the United States for approximately 55 years and has never seen so many unprecedented and dramatic scandals hitting the White House in such a short period of time. Many of these scandals are much worse than Watergate.

The Benghazi scandal involved criminal negligence and dereliction of duty as the Obama administration allowed our ambassador and three others to die for political reasons when we had forces nearby that could have saved them. The ensuing cover up was disgraceful and is completely unacceptable. It violated our armed forces Code of Conduct which states that we do not leave someone behind.

Even though our intelligence agencies have identified the leader of Anwar al Sharia, the terrorist organization that assassinated our people in Benghazi, Obama has not delivered on his promise to bring the perpetrators to justice. It is shameful that reporters from The New York Times and CNN have interviewed the leader of this terrorist organization and the Obama administration has not sent troops or a drone to kill this terrorist and the others who were involved in the attack to our consulate/safe CIA house in Benghazi. Is it because Anwar al Sharia is training jihadists to fight against the Syrian regime? Is it because Barack Obama is an ally of this al Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group that like him wants to overthrow the dictator of Syria?

Perhaps this is why the president signed an executive order on September 16, 2013 waiving a ban on arming terrorists to allow aid to the Syrian rebels, many of which are supporters of al Qaeda. In essence, he exempted himself from any laws, such as the Patriot Act, that prohibits anyone from giving weapons to a terrorist organization.

In reality, Obama has been secretly shipping weapons from Libya to Turkey during a couple of years. The weapons were being given to the rebels fighting the Syrian regime, which included al Qaeda-linked rebels groups. President Obama had been engaged in a Middle Eastern gun running operation without Congressional authority and in violation of United States laws.

The scandal of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was appalling. Since 2010, the IRS has been giving special and illegal scrutiny to conservative and religious organizations that applied for tax-exempt status. This action was in violation of federal law and IRS regulations. IRS agents illegally looked for organizations that had names such as “Tea Party,” “Patriot,” “9/12 Project” (a movement begun by the Glenn Beck), “We the people,” and “Take Back the Country.” The Special Determination Unit of the IRS, the office that approves the tax-exempt status, searched for conservative organizations that stated in their documents that they wanted to “Make America a better place to live” or that “Criticized how the country is being run.”

The Congressional investigation over the IRS scandal has uncovered that 155 meetings were held between IRS and White House officials who allegedly exchanged private taxpayer information. It is very possible that it could implicate the Oval Office of the White House and that it could be grounds for filing impeachment charges against the president.

On September 20, 2013, the House of Representatives on a vote of 230 to 189  defunded Obamacare. This action  provoked a confrontation with the president and the Democratic-controlled Senate over the budget and the next issue involves the raising of the debt ceiling in October 2013. Obama responded in an angry speech by saying that the Republican party is “trying to mess with me.”

After the partial government shutdown, Obama and officials from the White House and Democrats in the Senate and the House of Representatives have continued to demonize Republicans and to blame them for what had occurred. Obamacare is a monstrosity. Senator Max Baucus, who voted in favor of the law, has now called the Affordable Care Act “a train wreck.” The unions that supported the president do not want Obamacare and neither the majority of Americans. Since the Senate did not accept the continuing resolution over the budget, Barack Obama has inflicted maximum pain during the partial shutdown of the government in order to blame Republicans in Congress.

The Justice Department implemented the unbelievable Fast and Furious operation, in  which about 2,000 weapons where given to drug cartels in Mexico, resulting in the death of as many as 100 people, including the United States border patrol agent Brian Terry. The Department of Justice was also caught spying on many reporters and their sources of the Associated Press.

eric-holder-and-obama-phone-callsFollowing the lead of the president, Attorney General Eric Holder testified in Congress that he was not aware that this search was being done at the Justice Department. Holder must also think that Americans are very stupid. The Associated Press wrote a letter to the Justice Department on May 13, 2013 denouncing “unprecedented intrusion” of the federal government for looking secretly over a two-month period the telephone calls of 100 journalists and their offices.

The letter written by Gary Pruitt indicated that at least 20 of the telephone lines were listened to during April and May 2012 in their offices in New York, Washington, D.C. and Hartford, Connecticut. Nothing similar to this has ever been done before in our nation. It was unprecedented and it was a violation of the freedom of speech and of the press.

This reprehensible conduct by the Justice Department is similar to that followed by the KGB in the Soviet Union or Seguridad del Estado, the secret police in Cuba. It is another abuse of power by the Obama administration. It is also an attempt to silence the whistleblowers who speak to the press. Whistleblowers from now on will be reluctant to criticize abuses by the Obama administration, if they believe that their conversations are going to be listened to or they will be fired or demoted.

In another scandal, the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sibelius has been shaking down insurance, healthcare, and other organizations for donations to fund the implementation Obamacare. This was an unprecedented action and is another terrible example of the culture of abuse of power and intimidation of the Obama administration. All of these private corporations do business with the government and, knowing the hardball practices and the vindictiveness of the Obama administration, many companies most likely fear that, if they do not contribute money, then the government will probably retaliate against them. The reason for this shameful shakedown of money is that the Congress refused to appropriate funds to publicize Obamacare.

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich believes that “the Chicago machine has been transplanted to the federal government.” Gingrich added that “unaccountable power…employed for political gain is standard operating procedure in an administration which seeks to make government bigger and bigger.”

Another horrible scandal was the massive spying by the National Security Agency (NSA) on the American people. The NSA collects and stores in gigantic computers over two billion phone calls a day, monitors our text messages and emails, watches our pictures and videos, and tracks our movements as we walk on sidewalks and enter buildings and when we drive our cars. Another program called PRISM monitors nine Internet companies, including Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo. Additionally, our government keeps track of our credit card purchases and other financial transactions.

It was recently revealed that The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), has been working for several years with AT&T employees and storing and collecting billions of phone calls from Americans each day for many years. Big Brother is here in our nation!

childrenThe Obama administration has taken over illegally and unconstitutionally the education of 44 states by bribing them with millions of dollars of federal funds. The program is called Common Core State Standards, which is nothing more than federal mandated objectives, tests, and curriculum which violates the 10th Amendment to the Constitution, since education is the prerogative of the states. Common Core has a data mining component where students will be asked to provide intrusive and illegal information about them and their parents.

The students will be asked questions such as the political and religious views, sexual behaviors, psychological problems, and so forth. These intrusive questions along with the potential use of four sensors using cameras to scan faces and eyes and bracelets sounds like George Orwell’s novel 1984. The data mining component, which will collect and store in gigantic computers this information, violates several federal laws as well as the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution that protects the right of privacy to all citizens.

Those of us who were born in Cuba, and especially Americans of Cuban origin, like this writer who fought at the Bay of Pigs and served time in prison trying to bring freedom to the country of our birth, do not want to live in a country run by a Big Brother in the White House. This writer does not want to live in a society where everything he does, says, reads, and writes is recorded secretly and monitored by our government. If this country were to become an autocratic police state, where are we going to go?

obama-out-of-controlThe Obama administration is completely out control and the American people need to be quite concerned with the massive spying being conducted by intelligence agencies as well as the many scandals of this administration. Trust in government is essential for the survival of our democratic political system. Unfortunately, the president has lost the trust and the credibility of the majority of Americans, according to recent polls. The Rasmussen poll indicated that 56% of voters view the federal government as a threat to our civil rights. We have never had such a worrisome finding in history.

Since elected into office, Obama has expanded the size of the federal government. History shows that very large centralized governments are more likely to abuse their power than more limited governments. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It was for this very reason that our Founders, who gave us our independence and our Constitution, wanted a more limited central government.

Our Founders wrote in the Constitution a system of government having three separate equal branches of the federal government with a system of checks and balances and separation of powers. They included in our Constitution a Bill of Rights to protect our liberties. The Founders also gave the states in our Republic a separate government. This beloved nation was created with the belief that the central government was founded to protect our unalienable rights and not to erode those civil rights.

This writer believes that America is, unfortunately, on the road to become a tyrannical “police state nation” or, at the very least, a “surveillance nation.” It is important to protect our nation from domestic and international terrorists. However, spying on all Americans is most improper and violates our civil rights. This conduct should have no place in our society. Massive spying is being done in countries such as Cuba, Russia, and China. It should not take place in the United States of America.

The major scandals involving the Obama administration could bring down the president or  seriously damage his credibility and leadership during his second term in office. The culture of abuse of power and intimidation as well as the hardball Chicago-style politics of the Obama administration are un-American and should be condemned by members of the Republican and Democratic parties and by the media. Barack Obama has used his government agencies as well as the pro-Obama multiple organizations and friends in the established press to attack conservative and religious organizations and donors to the Republican Party.

The abuse and persecution of his opponents was not just limited to the IRS. It has involved other agencies, including the Labor Department, the FBI, and the National Labor Relations Board. Radicals in the NLRB refused unconstitutionally to allow the Boeing Corporation to establish a factory in South Carolina, only because workers in that state are not obligated to join unions. After a lawsuit, Boeing succeeded in building its factory. This was an attack on a private firm, which happens to be the largest exporter in our nation.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) constantly harasses energy companies and has put the carbon industry out of business. It sets one obstacle after another one against the efforts of our oil and gas corporations to search for new sources of energy. Obama rejected the construction of the Keystone pipeline that would have brought millions of barrels of oil from Canada to our refineries in Texas. These misguided tactics and policies delay the possibility of our nation to become energy self-sufficient.

One high official, who was fired, spoke the truth when he said that the way the EPA deals with the energy multinationals is similar to the way the Romans treated cities and nations that they conquered. The Romans, when they conquered a city, crucified the first five people that they saw in order to intimidate and submit the rest of the population. Unfortunately, the government of Barack Obama is completely out of control and, if left unchecked, this president could lead our nation into a dictatorship.

When the government starts questioning political and religious associations, interferes with the rights to organize and the freedom of speech and the press, persecutes and harasses its opponents and donors of an opposition party, keeps enemy lists in the White House, and spies on the press, we definitely can no longer say that we live in a truly free society. It is quite clear that we have a tyrant in the White House and our liberty and freedom are being threatened in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

As if these problems were not enough, our nation is now facing major threats from abroad. We live in an increasing dangerous and out of control world. Egypt, the largest country in the Middle East, has descended into chaos as the Muslim Brotherhood fights the army and police in cities across that country. Al Qaida and other terrorist groups are operating on Egypt´s Sinai Peninsula next to the vital Suez Canal where oil tankers and other important cargo passes each day. Iraq and Libya are in complete turmoil.

Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Ecuador, and Bolivia are friendly with all of our enemies and continue to expand their socialism throughout Latin America. Iran continues to enrich uranium in order to build nuclear weapons. North Korea is constructing more nuclear weapons and improving its missile delivery system. Both of these rogue nations threaten their neighbors which are our allies.

Russia and China are rearming, improving their weapons, and increasing and modernizing their armed forces while Obama is drastically cutting the budget of the Pentagon and reducing the size of our armed forces. Al Qaida is getting stronger and is expanding throughout the Middle East and Africa. There is an unholy alliance between the Muslim Brotherhood and the communists in our nation and the world. Both have the main objective of destroying and subjugating our country.

The world is facing a currency war with the increasing danger of financial terrorism that threatens the value of the U.S. dollar, our financial markets, and our economy. This nation is being cyber attacked on a daily basis by China, Iran, and other nations and our most precious industrial and military secrets are being stolen. The Obama administration has allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to seriously infiltrate our government. Obama has been weak with our enemies and damaged our national security. He is responsible for America´s decline as a super global power.