September 21, 2023

New Hit Country Song: Obamacare by Morning


Last night during the opening act of the CMA Awards in Nashville, country music hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood released their new smash hit: Obamacare by Morning, a spin off of George Strait’s famous song, Amarillo by Morning.

Underwood: Hey, do you have that Obamacare?

Paisley: Obamacare, what’ that?

Underwood: Oh! It’s great! It’s great! I started signing up last Thursday and I’m almost done. Let’s go to the website and get you signed up. Let’s see, it can’t be too hard right?

Paisley: Why’s it spinning?

Underwood: Oh, it does that.

Paisley: Why’s it smoking?

Underwood: Maybe we should restart it?

Paisley and Underwood singing: Obamacare by morning, why’s this taking so long? So long. I’m going to wind up with hemorrhoids if I sit here till dawn. Well I have cataracts and dimentia, this is getting on my last nerve. Obamacare by morning, Over six, people, ser-er-ved.


George Strait took home last night’s biggest award, entertainer of the year.