December 8, 2021

Obama’s real killing fields

There’s something ‘off’ about President Barack Hussein Obama allegedly telling aides while discussing drone strikes, I’m ‘really good at killing people’.

Obama doesn’t own up to anything, even including who he is.

Obama has a track record for never taking ownership of anything other than that which other people have accomplished over a lifetime of sweat.

In this latest revelation, one can almost hear strains of the Peter Gunn theme song, or with just a little imagination find Obama’s smirking omnipresent face on display down at the post office among ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’ posters of yore. Portraying himself as the gun slinger in drone strikes is a bit of a stretch, as if there is anything Obama isn’t, it’s decisive.  All lobbing of bombs from Obama’s direction are made behind the hidden safety of other people, the most prominent of them wearing skirts.

If Obama truly told aides: “I’m really good at killing people”, he’s lying again, for many now know that Obama walks zombie-like in the tracks of Valerie Jarrett.

Largely missing in Obama’s alleged gun slinger drone talk is that he’s killing all not so softly with his signature ObamaCare: At least 3.5 million Americans have already received cancellation notices from their insurance companies (AP).  Bureaucrats are already lining up for the 15-member “death panel” that categorizes the elderly 70 and over as “units” though they’re still ‘Grandma‘ and ‘Grandpa‘ to their loving families.

Imagine the fate of a country whose president got elected to fundamentally transform a country to which he had contributed nothing and whose president supposedly boasted to aides in drone discussions, ‘I’m good at killing’.

Unlike some of the victims of ongoing false flag operations in the U.S., the victims of Obama’s drones are made of flesh and blood.

But Obama is a deadly killer alright.  He’s a killer of millions of jobs.

Obama has killed to dead-as-a-doornail status the privacy of Americans and others, and at the same time is killing off respect for America, which is now increasingly portrayed as home of backstabbing saboteur spies.

Much of Obama’s killing of America is going down quietly with mainstream media approval.

A champion of partial birth abortion, Obama is a killer of babies,  the millions killed by abortion annually and that’s not counting the money sent off shore to cover millions of millions of more international abortions.

Obama is killing troops by gutting the military but adding to his own army that is ”just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded”,  yet is showing up for photo-ops every November 11 Veterans Day as someone who pays tribute to them when the cameras are rolling.

Obama is killing freedom in other countries such as Egypt, where he sides against every day people to throw in with his killer friends in the Muslim Brotherhood.

With the proverbial cunning of a snake, Obama is killing the religious rights of Christians by never taking a stand against the radical Islamists who slaughter them, while claiming to be a Christian himself.

Socialism/Marxism, of which Obama is currently world leader, kills all freedom,  all joie de vivre in its path by killing off the souls of humans.  It kills off liberty, freedom and it kills the passion of patriotism.  The ashes of failed socialism cover all places in the world it ever touched.

Long before it was ever revealed Obama allegedly told aides in drone discussions, ‘I’m really good at killing people’, millions recognized ‘Barack Hussein Obama The Killer’.

Much like the drowning man, Obama is a killer who drags people into the deep death hole called Socialism.