August 18, 2022

State Representative Matt Gaetz (R) supports Common Core.


You are right you have become a big disappointment.

Obviously you never read any lessons in the common core curriculum and you certainly are not listening to your constituents.   You are promoting communism, progressivism, distorted American history, activism in the third grade, unions and Chez as heros. You will eliminate of cursive because individual life is unimportant, individual signature and writing is unimportant, (can’t figure out how that works during an EMP when no one can write.), You now love social justice? globalism? International benchmarks? The Earth Charter over the constitution? yeah UN.  You also believe that humans are responsible for man made global warming and CO2 is toxic. So Matt, you are now a progressive.  You are no longer acting like a Conservative believing in the free market. You want the government in every room in your house.  Will the Government and special interest not your constituents will determine your decisions? Is the government your new God?  Do you have an new Obama picture that you bow to every morning that some students are forced to do? The government is your friend, your God, your life.

Exactly why are you supporting Stand Your Ground when the Human Capital are taught that only the government should have guns? Conflicting messages?  CCS is against the second amendment. Which lies should we believe?

Why do you think you have the right to force a communist program that is anti family, anti-God, and anti-American down our throats? A program that has failed in every state it is in.  Is it just because you want to get the RNC support for your bid for Senator?

You think your kids won’t be affected?  Just the poor kids from public school… sorry.
Common core will be in your private school as well.  And so your kids will learn that Chez, Stalin, Mao are their heros.
“Killing” millions of individuals is just great, after all individuals don’t count just the collective.

You are so right you are very disappointing.  But not surprising seeing who is heading this.  Did you read anything, attend any Common Core meetings, or is this just another bill to be signed before you read it.  I know you signed onto RTTT and you never read it. How do we trust you?

Karen Schoen and Geoff Ross


Dear Patriots across the United States and Florida,

This morning I was stuck in traffic on Highway 98 in the panhandle of Florida.  Some idiot shut down the free flow of commerce because they could not drive properly on one of the straightest roads in this the 27th state to be admitted into the Union.

I was toying with my I-phone 5  emitting copious  amounts of EPA approved CO2 into the air from my 1997 Mercury Cougar with 123,000 miles on the Odometer. Of course  I was listening to my favorite local talk radio station WFTW 1260 The Wake up Call with Ken and Andi.

My friend Ricki DiSantis, ( 9/11 North Tower World Trade Center survivor) finished his fiscal policy segment. Up to bat next was State Representative Matt Gaetz. District (4).

Matt came on at 0830 central time and I listened happily as he acquiesced to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights.  I was also on the phone line cued in to speak. I was going  to thank Matt for his 2nd Amendment stand. Then the discussion changed to the subject of “Common Core” in Florida.

Representative Gaetz stated, paraphrasing “Not many people will like what I have to say, but I support Common Core”

My adulation turned to dismay and then anger so my call-in to the radio show went from praise to slam dunk hammer you dude.   What are you thinking Matt ?  Perhaps Jeb Bush is skulking around in the recess of his mind with the other hamster Neil Bush. Both of them running in the wheel waiting to perhaps  collect a financial wind fall from this Communist central government opportunity with Neil’s software company in Austin.

Below are reasons why most “everyone” with sound mind and body in Florida and the rest of this country oppose Common Core.  This is why 18 states rejected this Communist – China stimulus money funded big government control of our kids. Texas, Nebraska, Alaska Virginia and Minnesota said hell now right off the bat and threw Obama’s Common core out of their state immediately after they saw the United Nations finger prints all over it.

Its about time our local politicians started listening to us. We will follow the money, we will stop Common Core and we will hold everyone accountable who supports it. The Republican Party is following the Bolshevik  line if they support Common Core.

1. Common Core is a Federal Takeover of Education

 The ultimate goal of Common Core is to have every school district follow the same national standards. This is a failed educational approach that will undermine educational quality and choice. States and local communities better know how to design standards based on their students and parents needs than Washington bureaucrats.

2. Common Core is Bad for Parents

 Parents will not have a say in their child’s education under Common Core. They will not be able to suggest changes to their local school’s standards or enroll their child in another public school with better standards. Common Core would limit parental choice and shut their voices out of their child’s education.

3. Common Core is Bad for Teachers

Teachers would have little control over their classrooms under Common Core. They will be forced to comply with standards decided upon by federal bureaucrats. This leaves little to no room for teachers to innovate to meet the unique needs of their students.

4. Common Core is Bad for Taxpayers

Common Core has a hefty price tag that will be paid by taxpayers in states. Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction estimates that Common Core will cost the state $300 million. California Department of Education estimates it will cost $759 million to implement the nationalized standards.   Common Core will cost taxpayers a lot of money while not improving education quality. This is stimulus money borrowed from Communist China adding to our National Debt.

5. Common Core is Bad for Students

Common Core is a one-size-fits-all education policy that assumes every students learns exactly the same. A top down and centrally controlled standards will hurt students creativity and learning.  Good education policy realizes that all students have different learning styles, preferences, and paces.

6. Common Core Violates Privacy

The Race to the Top Grants associated with Common Core violates privacy by data mining information about students that will follow them the rest of their lives. The information collected is more than just test scores and academic progress. Common Core will track information on religious practices, political beliefs, sex behaviors and attitudes, and more.

7. Common Core Resembles Failed No Child Left Behind Program

A main criticism of the failed No Child Left Behind program is that teachers “teach the test.” This means that students are memorizing rather than learning and critical thinking about information. Common Core would resemble No Child Left Behind by requiring students to take national United Nations approved standardized tests to measure their progress.

8. Common Core is Unconstitutional

The federal government should not control education. Since education is not specifically listed in the Constitution, the authority over education should be left up to the states and the people. This allows localities from New York City to rural Alabama to design unique curriculums that are best for their students. This means we must support Congressman Yoho and his bill to defund the unconstitutional Dept. of Education.

9. Common Core Will Require Some States to Move Backwards

 Some states have advanced standards that are designed with students and parents in mind. Sandra Stotsky, a professor at the University of Arkansas, who served on the committee to validate Common Core standards said, “The standards dumb American education down by about two grades worth.”   Some states would have to move their standards backwards to comply with Common Core standards.

10. Common Core Is a Failed Education Approach

Washington has tried one-size-fits-all education approaches time and time again. Centralized education programs have not worked and will never work. The quality of education has only declined over the past few decades. The solution is to get the federal government out of the education business.

11.  Common Core is Marxist indoctrination

The Standards were written by a British Socialist who believes in preparing students to be workers for the state not critical thinking individuals. Its collective indoctrination not individual achievement through competition.