December 5, 2021


Your help is needed
Please go to this link and download this letter sent to AG Pam Bondi. pdf

Send the letter to every legislator, news outlet, social media and email list you can find. Man made climate, GHG, sustainable development , CCS and every program in America is wrong.   Funding for these programs MUST BE STOPPED.
Americans are spending billions on programs designed to FAIL.

Is your legislator attending a climate conference put on by a regional group? If so get them this letter.

Last Friday, President Obama made another Executive Order proclaiming we will spend even more money we don’t have for a problem that does not exist.  The sun (who refuses to pay taxes) controls our climate. The climate is cyclical.  Heat, cold, extreme weather has happened before and will happen again. Check history back 100, then 200 years.  This is what is happening again.  Man has no control.   Man can only prepare.

Is President Obama telling you to prepare? NO.  He lied about Obamacare.  He is lying about the climate as well. Pay attention to world weather reports in addition to those in America.  You will hear about unprecedented cold which will cause death and starvation.

GHG is just a tool used to control the people.  Obama is just following the same wrong direction just so he can steal your land, tax you and spend future dollars on programs that will not work.

Share this email with every American in The United States.  Call radio, media, TV, newspapers, local, national constantly, email constantly.  Comment on political and climate blogs. Go to  AG Pam Bondi Letter   Reference the letter.

No matter what your issue, your life will be affected by these lies. Freedom is not free. You asked what you can do, this is it. Demand the legislature STOP Funding LIES.

Karen Schoen, AgEnder
Tony Caso, AgEnder