December 8, 2021

The Communist Comeback

In the 1970’s, the Democrat Party took a hard left.  Prior to then, while there were some disagreements, Democrats could be counted on to be patriotic Americans.  In the 1970’s, in some parts of America, as the Democrats took a hard left, it became fashionable for some people to call themselves communists.

By the end of the 1980’s, things had changed.  The Democrats were reaching out for a “moderate” candidate.  They found one in Bill Clinton, who was at least allegedly moderate.  Thanks to Ronald Reagan, Communism was dead and no one wanted to be called a Communist.

Now Communism is coming back in America.

Where is this happening and how is it possible?

In New York City, the Democrat Party nominated and the people voted for a new Mayor who can only be described as a communist.  He isn’t a liberal.  He isn’t a socialist.  He is a communist.

Bill de Blasio has a history of being even further to the left than Barack Obama. Of all of the places in the world where he could go on his honeymoon, he decided the communist hellhole of Cuba would be the perfect place.   In the 1980’s, while real Americans were supporting the expansion of freedom and liberty against the expansion of communism, de Blasio was busy cheering on the communists.  He wasn’t just cheering them; he was actively working for the Sandinista Regime in Nicaragua.  

Fortunately, the people of Nicaragua were able to throw off the yoke of that Marxist tyranny. 

The Regime that de Blasio loved so much murdered thousands of people during its eleven-year rule.  They forcibly removed indigenous peoples so they could be collectivized.  They used state supported famine as a tool, just like their (and de Blasio’s) hero Stalin.

Under the Sandinista Regime that de Blasio loved and supported so much, there were thousands of political prisoners who were routinely tortured. 

De Blasio is of course unrepentant about his support of evil in the 1980’s.  Even today, he is an unrepentant Communist.

Recently, according to the New York Post, de Blasio met with nervous real estate developers in New York City.  This meeting occurred before the election and was only recently reported. 

De Blasio said, “I am not a free marketer.  I believe in the heavy hand of government.”

How well did the heavy hand of government work out for people in Nicaragua?