December 8, 2021

Alfonzo Rachel, Goes In Depth On ‘Common Core’ Survey Being Sent To Parents

I have not seen this pasted…so, I think it’s important it gets out there. It is a, so far, four part video series (Part four just got posted today), and it needs to get spread around for others, especially parents to see what school now has become.

From the folks who brought us Common Core, comes a survey of the political leanings of the students’ parents! Because, obviously, Common Core can’t be taught effectively with any of those right wing leanings in the way.

Part One: Hey! Teacher! Seriously! Leave them Kids Alone!

Zo continues with the dissection of this survey, which wants to find out the political leanings of parents, and to make sure they’re the leanings that are conducive with their social engineering plan. Hear more in this ZoNation.  Parts two through four follow:

[hdvideo playlistid=13 width=600 height=400]

Part Two: Examining a Common Core Survey

Zo Continues with the survey to find out the political leanings of parents. That way students can know who the enemy is, according to the State. Kinda like that Hitler youth thing. Hear more in this Zonation!

Part Three: Examining the Communist Core…Oops, Common Core Survey

Zo examines the survey that isn’t really a survey at all. It’s part of a programming agenda to influence students for the left wing ideology. Hear more in this ZoNation!

Part Four: Rotten to the Commie Core — Examining the Survey

…And you thought the government had enough stupid ‘educated’ people running (ruining) this country (President, Congress & Judges)….Time to transfer that value, even worse, to the next generation!