November 29, 2021

Christmas Day: A&E Runs ‘Duck Dynasty’ Super Marathon

Starting at 3:30pm Christmas Day, A&E will broadcast a super marathon of 25 “Duck Dynasty” episodes. The marathon will run until 4am. This will be the second “Duck Dynasty” marathon the network has broadcast after indefinitely suspending Phil Robertson, the series’ star, for the crime of discussing Biblical sin, including homosexuality, with GQ Magazine.

The anti-Christian A&E apparently wants to have it both ways. If it brings in viewers, the network has no problem broadcasting marathons filled with Phil Robertson. At the same time, though, the network is punishing this very same star whose “offending” persona is all over its network in the direct wake of a phony controversy.

With this marathon, A&E is also broadcasting how important the “Duck Dynasty” franchise is to them. The Robertson clan not only stars in the network’s number-one show, they star in the network’s only signature hit.

A&E is in a pickle for two reasons: A&E needs “Duck Dynasty” a lot more than “Duck Dynasty” needs them. Secondly, A&E is the only who did anything wrong, and did so by caving to America’s politically correct fascists like GLAAD.

The Robertson family has already made clear they will not honor the suspension.