August 12, 2022

Obama Admin a Combination of ‘Desperate and Arrogant on All Foreign Policy Matters

TheBlaze’s national security advisor Buck Sexton called the Obama administration a combination of “desperate and arrogant on all foreign policy matters” on The Glenn Beck Program Monday.

“They’re desperate because they want to change the narrative away from what’s happening right now with Obamacare — also from the blunders over Syria which, quite honestly, shocked friends of mine who are in the foreign policy establishment and are pro-Obama,” Sexton remarked. “They couldn’t believe how inept the handling of Syria was.”
“On the other side,” Sexton continued, there remains “the arrogance of still thinking they are very clever on the global stage despite all the recent evidence to the contrary…”
Buck Sexton: Obama Admin a Combination of Desperate and Arrogant on All Foreign Policy Matters

TheBlaze’s national security advisor Buck Sexton speaks with Glenn Beck on TheBlaze TV on Dec. 2, 2013. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

The two proceeded to discuss the specifics of the recent revelation that the Obama administration has been having secret discussions with Iran, and what that says of the president’s longstanding promise that military options are still “on the table.”

“Many of us haven’t believed, at all, this notion that military options are on the table,” Sexton said. “President Obama said that because it’s a good sound byte; it makes you seem big, bad, and tough … It would be hard to think of a way that they could mess this up more badly than they already seem to be doing, but the back-channel negotiations have taken the strike off the table without us even knowing about it for years. They’re not going to hit them when they’re talking to them. Of course that’s not going to happen.”

As far as Sexton sees it, “we’ve pushed the Israelis out of the process, too,” and given Iran a window where they know neither the United States nor Israel will strike, “so make those centrifuges spin.”

Sexton said it’s “very obvious” that there are only a few ways for the dilemma to end: either Iran gets a nuclear weapon, or someone –

most likely – israel stops them.