December 3, 2021

“Obama Youth”

Freaky and creepy. “Obama Youth” — it is so eerily reminiscent of Hitler Youth. Same name and same approach to the young and impressionable and stupid.

“Obama Youth Summit!” You have to think that the Alinsky-driven administration wants to bait the opposition in order to ridicule those of us who question their fuhrer. “Look, those crazy teabaggera are calling Obama Hitler!”

Of course, considering Obama’s recent dramatic and catastrophic foreign policy reversal allowing Iran to build nuclear weapons,  it’s not an altogether wrong comparison.

As for any young person who shows up to this obvious PR circus psyop — they should be the object of scorn and derision from their peers for being such tools of the government.

“You’re Invited: White House Youth Summit Social” White House blog

We are excited to announce our next White House Social event, an in-person meeting for people who engage with us on social media.

Youth Summit

Youth Summit

On Wednesday, December 4, 2013 the White House will host a Youth Summit, offering young people from around the country an opportunity to discuss the Affordable Care Act and other issues with senior White House officials. White House Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+ followers ages 18-35 are eligible to apply to attend this White House event on December 4.

Interested in joining? Sign up for your chance to join other White House social media followers at the #WHYouth social. In order to apply you must follow an official White House TwitterFacebookGoogle+ or Instagram account. After you sign up, spread the word! Let your followers know that you applied to attend the #WHYouth social