November 29, 2021

Obamas revert to activist mode for Thanksgiving 2013

 Barack and Michelle Obama Thanksgiving hypocrisy hit an all time high this year.

One day after gorging along with “undisclosed” guests on a traditional Thanksgiving dinner replete with “turkey, ham, stuffing and plenty on the side” (New York Times) and also “going heavy on the pies” (pecan, pumpkin, peach, sweet potato cream and huckleberry) Barack and Michelle Obama, reverted to the activists they really are, putting in a personal appearance at the Fast For Families group in a tent on the National Mall.

From December 1st-3rd, thousands of people will join the days of fasting for a day to be part of the Fast for Families in an effort to urge Congress to pass new immigration laws—”NOW!”


No one heard the strains of Booker T and the M.G.’s famed instrumental Green Onions when Barack Obama was handing out small bags of onions at the Capital Area Food Bank in northeast Washington on Thanksgiving Eve.  Ditto when Michelle was giving out carrots.

“Their daughters, Sasha, 12, and Malia, 15, were responsible for the apples and M &M’s (the latter in boxes bearing the presidential seal.” (NYT).

“Marian Robinson, Mrs. Obama’s mother, gave out recipes for a sweet potato curry.”

(Paper recipes don’t do much to fill hungry bellies).

And small bags of onions, carrots and M&M’s in boxes bearing the presidential seal were just part of the circus.

“On Thanksgiving Day, Obama, clad in a white T-shirt and a grey V-neck sweater phoned 10 members of the military from the Oval Office to offer them thanks.” (New York Daily News, Nov. 28, 2013).

“First Lady Michelle Obama similarly expressed her gratitude for those who served, in an essay for Time Magazine.  The Obamas with their daughters, Malia and Sasha were joined by a number of undisclosed guests for their holiday meal.”

Just one day later, Mama and Papa Obama showed up in a tent at the National Mall to visit a group of activists who say they have had nothing to eat or drink for the past 18 days except water in an effort to urge Congress to pass new immigration laws.

Make that the same National Mall where World War 11 Vets, who travelled from all over the world to see their War Memorial,  were denied access during last month’s government-imposed shutdown.

The photo caption under the picture of the Obamas at the tent in the National Mall could easily read: “Obamas Return Home as Activists”.  For Friday’s tent visit, both Obamas were casually dressed, Michelle somehow looking like one of the guys.

During its three-week squat on the National Mall, The Fasting For Families tent has been visited by other Obama star activists, including Obama top advisor Valerie Jarrett, who has been photographed praying with group members.


Barack Obama waxed nostalgic while in the tent.

“During their meeting, the President also held the shoe of an immigrant who perished in the desert trying to seek a better life, which the fasters hold in reverence as a symbol of why they are fasting to underscore the plight and suffering of immigrants.”  (Fast for Families).


Meanwhile, Americans can expect Activist Barack Obama to return yet again on their Christmas Day dinner plates.