July 23, 2021

‘Since I’m in charge, obviously, we screwed it up’

Joseph Farah identifies most truthful sentence Obama has uttered in public life

It’s the quote of the year.

In summarizing not only his health-care fiasco, but his entire administration, Barack Obama may have provided the American people with his legacy, the epitaph of his presidency, possibly even the sentence that best characterizes the Democratic Party.

“Since I’m in charge, obviously, we screwed it up.”

He said it a week ago. While it was widely reported, I couldn’t help notice most news organizations, including Fox, significantly downplayed the quote – buried it, really.

Honestly, I didn’t even notice it until WND visitors started bringing it to my attention – in droves.

They certainly saw it as newsworthy, unexpected, paradoxical, ironically and probably unintentionally self-effacing and uncharacteristically true.

I know he didn’t mean to say what he said. But he said it nonetheless. And he has not spoken a more coherent, accurate, appropriate, undeniable and truthful sentence in the years he has been in public life.

“Since I’m in charge, obviously, we screwed it up.”

Just imagine if George W. Bush had uttered this statement.

I know he made some strange and incomprehensible announcements. I know he had a knack for butchering the English language. I know he invented words and mispronounced others. But, can you imagine this statement being made and going virtually unnoticed by the press corps?

It’s not that he simply admitted he screwed up, which is evident to all of America in the wake of millions losing their insurance while only a relative handful have even signed up for his, until recently, untouchable top-down, national health-care system. It’s that he admitted the preface, “Since I’m in charge, obviously …”

We screwed it up - ObamaI didn’t know, until now, that he recognizes he is a hopeless bungler like most of the nation now sees.

Think about that statement: “Since I’m in charge, obviously, we screwed it up.”

These could possibly be his most memorable words ever. And he can’t even blame them on a ghostwriter.

He didn’t just blame himself, either, which is sure to make his party squirm – a party that enthusiastically and lemming-like went over the cliff with him on Obamacare. While he acknowledged being in charge, he said “we screwed it up.”

This is too delicious for words as we are about to begin a midterm election year. Can you imagine this sound bite running on radio and TV commercials in every race in which an incumbent Democrat is seeking re-election to the House or Senate? Are the commercials already in production?

“Since I’m in charge, obviously, we screwed it up.”


It could be the biggest self-inflicted wound other than Obamacare itself.

Inadvertently, Obama has offered this self-criticism as biting as anything any of his critics have ever articulated.

Many of us know that if he’s in charge of anything, it’s going to get screwed up. Now he’s admitted it through a prescient and convenient slip of the tongue.

It’s been a week, and no one else has given this quote its due.

I realize he said it on a Friday afternoon before Christmas week, but, for heaven’s sake, he’s supposed to be the president of the United States!

There’s been no clarification, no excuses, no revisitation of the remarks. I didn’t see it blared on national news shows over the last week. I didn’t even see late-night comedians having fun with it. Maybe he considers himself fortunate that more wasn’t made of it. Or maybe he’s as oblivious to his oratorical miscues as he is to his policies.

“Since I’m in charge, obviously we screwed it up.”

I can’t get over it.

It’s ringing in my ears.

You can’t make this stuff up!