August 12, 2022

The Facade Is Gone: Michelle Obama “Going It” Alone, Divorce in the Works?

Obama and Helle Thorning-Schmidt

The facade is gone. After the South Africa incident in which Barack Obama openly flirted Denmark’s prime minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, during the service for former South African president Nelson Mandela, there is little use pretending.

There have been rumors before. There was Vera Baker during the Senate years. There was Oprah Winfree during the 2008 campaign. But these were black women who were successful in their own right and were part of Obama’s campaign.

Obama leaving party with Vera Baker

obama flirting


Then there was  Reggie Love. He is a black man that shares many interests with Barack Obama. Much of what the conservative press has dished out can be dismissed by a wife as “locker room” stuff blown out of proportion, even though it is clearly far more than that.

This is not so with Helle.

For Michelle Obama, she has spent the past year in a battle for her husband’s attention with Kerry Washington, just like she had to with Vera Baker.  Michelle has not been happy with the attention that Barack has given Kerry, even spending what some regard as an excessive amount of time with the President. Actresses, unlike accountants,  are not readily banished to Martinique.

Kerry Washington is said to be "quite close" to President Obama

Kerry Washington is said to be “quite close” to President Obama

Apparently, Michelle decided to fight for her man against Kerry Washington’s charm offensive. Michelle Obama’s new hair-do and wardrobe was reportedly an effort to win her husband’s attention from the actress  who was on the campaign trail. One the campaign was won, the relationship persisted. Rumors in the tabloids reported then that the Washington-Obama relationship had Michelle Obama visiting divorce attorneys back in February of this year. As the summer wore on, the incident seemed to take the back pages, and Michelle was quiet.

Then there was Miriam Carey, but that was easy to write off as a nut-job. There is Beth, but that one has been kept quiet.

But Helle is another matter; she was not on the campaign trail, she is not an athlete, secret service detail, nor a troubled woman from Connecticut.  She is not a “sister,” and Denmark was not, at that moment, a pivotal part of some pending international crisis. For Barack Obama to openly flirt and act like a moon struck 14 year old boy with another woman at the funeral of a leader of historical importance was just over the top, even for Michelle. There is no shared interest in athletics, campaign trail stories,  or public policy achievements to share with this woman in Michelle’s mind. There was no way to write off his antics as gross exaggerations of a normal relationship.

Obama and Helle Thorning-SchmidtA White House insider speaking to the National Enquirer along with other tabloids are all reporting that Michelle Obama is meeting with divorce attorneys again. This one isn’t likely to be met with a make-over; while Kerry Washington’s efforts at least lead to Obama’a moving up in the polls and winning reelection,  the move with Helle has not helped his poll numbers one little bit. In fact, they have contributed to his polls plummeting.

The Enquirer historically has had a dubious past as a Tabloid, but in recent years their reporting on the Obama’s has been more accurate than many other sources. According to their White House insider,

“But now Michelle is mad AS hell. She feels violated in front of the whole world, and screamed at him, ‘I’ve had enough!’

“She’s met with divorce lawyers and told Barack that she wants a life apart from him.

“Mi­chelle will stay in the White House for the rest of Barack’s term for appearances’ sake, but she made it clear they’ll be leading separate lives.”

“She’s moving into one of the va­cant bedrooms in the family’s private living quarters, and she’s preparing to move his clothes and personal things out of their million-dollar house in Chicago.”

“Behind the scenes, his advisers chewed him out, saying the photo­graphic images of his frat-boy hijinks will haunt him forever.

“On top of that, women voters have bombarded the White House with letters, phone calls and emails ex­pressing sympathy for the first lady and anger at the president.

“Even Obama’s top female advisers and friends like Valerie Jarrett were disappointed with him.”

“Rather than unloading on him in South Africa, where their privacy was not guaranteed, or on Air Force One among other high-ranking dig­nitaries, including George and Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton, Michelle reserved her fury until they were back in their private quarters in the White House. Then she went ballistic behind closed doors.”

“Barack has humiliated Mi­chelle before, but this incident was played out on the world stage. Practically everybody on the planet saw what he did and realized that the president has absolutely no respect for his wife.”

“Now that Barack has embarrassed Michelle in front of the world, he’s going to pay a big, big price. Michelle has said she wants a huge chunk of his net worth.”

“This divorce is going to cost him a fortune.”

This isn’t a stain on a blue dress, a cigar, and  a White House intern after hours.   While Michelle is no Hilary,  Michelle has not been all that innocent.  At least when she has been at events of state, she has been Obama’s wife in appearances. This indiscretion took things to a whole new level. This one was in public at a state event on America’s dime.

Apparently, the event solidified the post presidential residences of the two. The Enquirer Reports,

….the first couple plans to live nearly 5,000 miles apart when their days at the White House come to an end. Obama reportedly plans to settle in his native Hawaii, where his presidential library and political center will be located. Sources say he’ll live with his longtime pal Bobby Titcomb, who was busted for soliciting a prostitute in 2011.

Michelle will remain in Wash­ington, D.C., until the couple’s youngest daughter Sasha, 12, finishes high school. Daughter Malia, 15, is a high school sophomore.