August 18, 2022

Whistle Blower Claims She Forged Obama’s Birth Certificate, Guess Who It Is?

It is important to note that the only person to “see” and authenticate the long form birth certificate of one President Barrack H. Obama is now dead in a plane crash. Even more controversial is the one that they submitted as truth on the website is 10 layered in Photo Shop and thought to be fake. The conspiracy never seems to die.

Now a whistle blower comes forward and claims she forged Obama’s birth certificate in 1985. She doesn’t just claim that she did the long form, but the short form as well. Both those claims if proven are enough to make people worry about who really is our President.

Funny how this person is not only a family member but also insists she did it for the drug cartels in Mexico. Fast and Furious and the Federal Court ruling to include drugs and child smuggling make more sense now.