August 9, 2022

BREAKING: Obama on 2000 Russian Troops Landing in Ukraine “There Will Be Costs For Military Intervention”

According to reports coming from the Pentagon, a dozen planes carrying 2000 [Russian] troops have landed in Crimea, Ukraine. President Obama made a statement about the troop movement late Friday afternoon, the first time he’s made a statement on the tensions in Ukraine since February 19.

“The Ukrainian people deserve the opportunity to pursue their own country,” Obama said. “We are deeply concerned about military movements by Russia inside Ukraine…Any violation of Ukrainian sovereignty would be deeply destabilizing to the region.”

Obama stressed there will be consequences should Russia and President Putin choose to intervene militarily in the country and issued the support of the United States to Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

“The United States will stand with the international community in confirming their will be consequences for military intervention in Ukraine,” Obama said. “In this difficult moment, the United States stands in support of his [Yatsenyuk’s] efforts.”

“Human beings have a universal right to determine their own future,” Obama said. “I commend the Ukraine for its restraint.”

Fox News’ Jennifer Griffith has reported eye witnesses on the ground in Crimea describe the atmosphere as “increasingly militarized.” The troop movement comes a week after former Ukranian President Viktor Yanukovych was ousted. Half of of the country wants to join the European Union and the other half is sympathetic to the former Soviet Union, as is Putin.

UPDATE: Apparently the Obama administration isn’t calling thousands of troops landing on the ground in Crimea and “invasion,” but rather an “uncontested arrival.”


Admin officials tell CNN’s Barbara Starr this is an “uncontested arrival” not necessarily “an invasion” and that this distinction is “key.”

— Stephen Hayes (@stephenfhayes) February 28, 2014