August 18, 2022

Setting Our Table

There is little need to replay the “long train of abuses and usurpations” which have taken place and to which we the knowing are determined to rectify.  Suffice to say that our peaceful but deliberate assemblage is not only Constitutionally sound, it is expected, even demanded.

Once again, the previous quote determines our course when read in its entirety.  Thomas Jefferson wrote, “But, when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government and to provide new guards for their future security.”

That was our beginning.  Today, despotism has returned with its typical abusive usurpations.  It should be noted that this take is devoid of any political ploys nor is it wrapped in a fit of emotionalism or racism.  Rather, this is today’s reality, the sad state of our targeted freedoms and dwindling individual rights.  To continue with our obliging indifference is to assign our fate into the hands of those who have introduced this havoc and disunity.

Today, after five plus years of adhering to his promised “fundamental transformation,” Obama is directing our Nation onto a one way street which dead ends into a third world existence.  To put it in the most easily understood language; our backs are against the wall, time is short.  In addition, the pursuance of “the same object” is now starring us in the face.  To remain idle is not just un-American, it is treasonous.

In 1789, John Adams wrote , “Our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

Over the recent decades, just look at what we’ve allowed into our hearts and minds.  Prayer taken out of the classrooms.  Abortion on demand.  A changing society regarding modesty and humility.   Christianity under attack.  A growing distaste for individual responsibility.  The enlargement of this Federal governing behemoth.  And lastly, the re-election of such an inept and lawless President.  At this point, if America is to remain free, independent and prosperous, what are our options?

Appearing in a counter balancing role, the current plans for our mass assemblage, while not anticipated by the powerful, is what Jefferson defined as being  “in the course of human events.”  It’s most easily understood by equating it with the pendulum’s long overdue return swing.

Operation American Spring extends out from what naturally began on the heels of Obama’s 2008 election.  Caught by surprise doesn’t quite do it justice.  Those establishment figures were speechless to the point of flatly denying the Tea Party’s effectiveness, even after the fact.

Prior to the Tea Party emergence, what could never be understood was the fact that “things never seem to change,” no matter who was elected.   Since 2010, the Tea Party’s most significant deed or effect has been the RINO revelations.  In retrospect, this shadowy element was the reason for our “no matter who was elected” frustrations.  Not any more Mr. Rove!

Operation American Spring’s internal rhythm stems from its abidance with our Constitutional truths.  Those truths are what our media outlets and academic institutions avoid at all costs.  As such, we take these inherent Blessings from our Creator, those enumerated by our gallant Founding Fathers, as our righteous springboard.

Let none who hear or witness our cause misunderstand.  “We hold these truths to be self evident…”  Our affirmation was and is founded at Concord and Bunker Hill, at Valley Forge, Monmouth and the Brandywine.  Our origins were reclaimed at Trenton and carried forth to victory.  We who assemble in May acknowledge with a grateful heart and a solemn pledge to remain faithful to those beginnings without wavering.

To those who intend harm and transformation upon our beloved land, we say that Americans are a proud mongrel breed.  America is from everywhere and Americans make up everyone.  We are patient, loving and respectful of order and of law and it is to that law which we now assemble our dedicated ranks.  Our Constitution is the “law of the land.”  We are not out of order nor can we be deterred.

Our righteous demands are a continuation of the words from the Father of our Country.  George Washington noted, in part, on February 10th 1776, in a letter to Joseph Reed, “…that the spirit of freedom beat too high in us to submit to slavery, and that, if nothing else could satisfy a tyrant and his diabolical ministry, we are determined to shake off all connections with a state so unjust and unnatural.”

For those who connive and twist our beloved Constitution, we pray that our numbers will convince otherwise.  Just as we have been Blessed at birth with freedom and liberty, we at the same time inherited the awesome responsibility of upholding and defending our good fortunes.

Long before this current President, usurpers have usurped without much ado.  This particular President delights with not only violating ours laws but in doing so, he inflames through his “in your face” persona of defiance.  This will be addressed.

Our present cause continues what our Founding Fathers bequeathed.  We are reverent in our beliefs, our cause and purpose.  We have no other option, since as it was intended through our Creator, Americans are meant to live and breathe with the dignity which freedom affords.

Jim Bowman is a drafted Army Vietnam (MP) veteran. Married, separated, son, daughter, three grandchildren Retired boilermaker Christian (Lutheran) Moved from Phila suburbs to Fla in 2001 Freelance writer (self taught) Author of This Roar of Ours Personal website, Americanism of our Founders Golf duffer and beer drinker