December 5, 2021

The Alternate Universe of Barack Obama

After five years as President, Barack Obama has perfected the art of shifting blame. He almost never accepts responsibility for his mistakes. However, every blue moon, the President does admit failure, but only when he has no other alternative. For example, it took a massive meltdown in his poll numbers for the President to finally admit his promises about ObamaCare were not being fulfilled.

In his Super Bowl Sunday interview with Bill O’Reilly on Fox, Obama was in rare form. Instead of accepting blame for the weak economy, the poor relations with Congress, and the heightened racial division in our nation, the President was busy focusing on other culprits.

He blamed Fox News for covering Benghazi and the IRS scandal. In fact, he incredulously claimed that there was “not even a smidgen of corruption” in the IRS targeting scandal. Never mind that there were scores of individuals and organizations unfairly targeted. The President believes there was no wrongdoing, only incompetence on behalf of underlings at the IRS.

Regarding Benghazi, Obama laid the blame directly on Fox News, saying that there is only a scandal “because folks like you are telling them.”  Of course, Americans were misled for weeks by the administration about the real cause of the attack. In fact, two weeks after the attack the President addressed the United Nations and blamed the movie, not terrorists. In recent days, the Senate Intelligence Committee has confirmed that terrorists were involved in the attack. It was obviously not a movie protest, but an orchestrated effort to kill Americans. People outraged about a movie don’t bring rocket propelled grenades to a protest.

It is scary for the President to be engaged in such fabrications or delusional thinking. He is either lying outright to the American people or he really believes the fiction he is spewing. Neither alternative is comforting at this point in his second term.

Despite the ObamaCare website debacle and the millions of people who have lost their health insurance or doctors, no one in his administration has been fired by the President. In the O’Reilly interview, he claimed that he would hold people “accountable,” but that is merely an empty threat. The Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, is directly responsible for these failures, but she continues to serve in her position and has not even been reprimanded for the massive website debacle.

The President views himself as some sort of moderate, working to unite the country. He does not realize how dangerous and divisive his policies have been to this nation. In Obama’s alternative universe, “Richard Nixon was more liberal than I was.” Despite his many personal failings, Nixon did not institute socialized medicine or grow the government as quickly as Barack Obama. Under Obama, the national debt has increased by almost $7 trillion, and the expanding public sector has been the weak engine for this rather lame recovery.

In his biggest whopper to O’Reilly, the President claimed that he has not “expanded the welfare state.” He must have a rather curious definition of what it takes to expand the welfare state. In his administration, there has been a 50% increase in food stamp usage and the addition of 10 million people to the ranks of the non-working in this country. Currently, there are 92 million Americans who are not in the workforce, with many receiving government benefits because they can’t find work, while others have no intention to ever look for a job and get off the government dole.

Overall, there is the reality of what is happening to our country under the leadership of Barack Obama and then there are the delusions that the President prefers to believe.