November 29, 2021


Sign the petition to stop obama's
war on conservatives and Christians

Sign the petition to stop obama's war on conservatives and ChristiansThis is SHOCKING: the Obama administration has decided that conservatives and Christians shouldn’t have a voice in our government.

Recently, the Obama administration quietly ordered the IRS to silence its opponents by imposing new regulations on Christian and conservative non-profit groups.

These rules forbid conservative groups like Faith & Freedom Coalition from distributing voter guides, Congressional Scorecards, legislative alerts, and even registering voters.

And, of course, Obama’s favorite Big Labor unions are all exempted from following the rules.

We must stop this war on our freedom of speech! That’s why we have launched to defeat these proposed regulations to silence conservative, Christian, and Tea Party Americans.

If we’re going to keep our voice in November, we need as many Christians and conservatives to make their voice heard now, by signing our petition to Congress and the Obama Administration.

Please sign the petition right away, to make sure we stop this unprecedented, un-American ban on conservative speech.

These new regulations are so crushing that, for months before an election, conservative and pro-family nonprofits would be muzzled – in direct violation of our First Amendment rights.

We wouldn’t even be able to mention a candidate’s name before an election!

That means it’ll be impossible for FFC to expose the truth about how the politicians are voting in Washington on critical issues – and, worse, it’ll severely hamper our ability to get Christians and conservatives informed and vote.

Even worse, Obama has exempted deep-pocketed liberal groups – far-Left unions like the SEIU or AFL-CIO – from these crippling regulations.

Sign the petition to stop obama's
war on conservatives and Christians

Imagine what will happen in America if the people only see anti-conservative, anti-Christian, union-backed TV, newspaper, and Internet ads for months.

That is absolutely unacceptable – and that’s why we’re counting on you to make sure your voice is heard.

Go to to sign the petition to stop the Obama’s war on Christians and conservatives right away.

It’s obvious why Obama’s targeting groups like Faith & Freedom Coalition: he’s terrified of the impact we’ll have in November.

Because, with more than 700,000 members and supporters, FFC is America’s largest coalition of conservative Christian voters – and liberal circles know that, when FFC activists lead a fight, they get results.

I’m Dr. Ralph Reed – and I founded FFC in 2009 with one clear mission: to stop Barack Obama and his radical, anti-Christian agenda for America.

And, since then, this effort has grown by leaps and bounds – and now, I’m humbled to say that FFC has become the most united and powerful group of Christians standing in the way of Obama’s agenda, and in the defense of our faith and values.

In 2012, we conducted the largest Christian voter registration and turnout campaign ever seen in American history.

And 2014 will be no different. This year, FFC plans to distribute over 33 MILLION voter guides and informational mail pieces and make over 21 MILLION phone calls to grow Christian voter turnout.

Obama knows the only way to stop our side’s momentum this year is by silencing us with these liberty-destroying regulations.

And that’s why we have to fight back right away – before the Left takes away our free speech rights for good.

Keep your voice alive in 2014 by signing our petition to stop the IRS’s radical, un-American ban on Christian and conservative free speech.

Thank you so much for your help. With your help today, we will not be silenced—and we can make sure we’ll have the tools to win the fight for our values in 2014.


Dr. Ralph Reed
Founder and Chairman, Faith & Freedom Coalition

P.S. Obama’s administration is coming after Christians and conservatives – and won’t stop until we’re silenced this November.

The crippling new regulations they proposed exempt the Big Labor Unions and will make it virtually impossible for us to expose the truth about our elected officials in Washington.

We can stop the Obama administration before it’s too late – but only if you stand with us in defense of Christian values and American rights right now.

Go to now and sign the petition to Congress and the Obama administration to stop this unprecedented, un-American ban on free speech before it’s too late.

Sign the petition to stop obama's
war on conservatives and Christians