December 8, 2021

A 13 minute Video About the NY Times and Its Historical Antisemitism

An important work.  It is something I knew about for years; however, this is the most cogent piece on the subject I have ever seen.

A young Jewish woman of valor reveals the toxic mutation that has been baked
into the genes of The New York Times from its very start.

There are no worse anti-Semites than those who are Jews.

The sad part is the power that this one ugly  “Jew” Arthur Hayes Sulzberger
and his entire family wield as his rag, The New York Times, leads our
“free” “socialist”..main street media (that’s a joke itself).

If you watch nothing else about Jewish anti-Semitism, view the attached
video. If you do watch it, send it on to others. It puts the anti-Semitism
of the present day New York Times in perfect perspective. A classic example
of how history ultimately gets the real truth out.

This is the ONE VIDEO you MUST WATCH.
It is a painful exploration of why Jews should despise the NY Times and
forever remember how a Jew, the owner of the Times, turned his back on
fellow Jews during the darkest days of ww2.  The young woman in the video
deserves a position of high honor among our people for making this
historically accurate video public.  Please watch it and tell your friends about it.