January 26, 2022

Are we being Intentionally Misled?

Yes we are. Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is the rock upon which our restructured education is based:  international workforce training.  It also recommends the Reinventing School Coalition (Marzano/DeLorenzo) restructuring program that calls for doing away with grades in K-12: A,B,C,D,F, and allows for graduation at 14 – 21.  It uses the stimulus response method of training not educating called for by Skinner/Pavlov using computers.  Career paths are selected by creating individual education plans (IEP).

Doesn’t that sound great but what does it mean? IEP’s are designed by computer algorithms based on student responses in order to modify and change their behavior so students will get a government selected career path.  This is the famous school to work program promoted by Bill Gates and Jeb Bush. CCS awards schools that “do their job well” with awards like Malcolm Baldridge TQM Award and grants.  Gone is free choice. Now students have a choice selected from a government list.  This is called OUTCOME BASED EDUCATION or Mastery Learning.

Why? …  What difference does it make? … Thank you Charlotte Iserbyt

While working in U.S. Dept. of Ed, Office of Educational Research and Improvement, I found an unlocked filing cabinet  and got into it.   It was the OECD filing cabinet. (Only filing cabinet in our office that was locked. ) I got everything I could out of it, and took docs home.  I then  mentioned it to my boss, the Asst. Secretary, and he had hysterics, telling me not to go near that filing cabinet which he immediately bolted closed, and that was that.  Well, I had the goods.  All documents are found on deliberatedumbingdown.com

Did you order the DVD set from Charlotte?  “Exposing the Global Road to Ruin through Education.”

Thank you… Phoebe Courtney’s “Unelected Rulers”, page 198 one reads:
A report of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations states that one of the OECD’s basic purposes is “to promote orderly economic growth within its 20-member Community.”

Special note should be taken of the phrase “orderly economic growth,” which could be understood to mean “regulated” economic growth (today called OUTCOME BASED ECONOMY) – in contrast to the efficient economic growth of the United States under the Free Enterprise system.

ECONOMIC COUNCIL LETTER (No. 515)* of November 15,1961, in describing what “orderly economic growth” within underdeveloped nations can mean referred to a speech by George Ball, Under Secretary of State, and then commented: He (George Ball) said that if we are going to give development capital to “underdeveloped nations” it will be necessary for us to help them market their produce. Their work will be mostly in the primary industries like textile, mining and like manufacture … Advanced nations, like the United States, should willingly abandon these industries to the underdeveloped nations, though textiles is our second largest employer.

Of course our government would have to compensate our abandoned industries and help transfer them to new activities. The machinery for such Federal intervention in industrial growth has already been voted by Congress in the Area Redevelopment Bil. You can thank the Heritage Foundation for NAFTA, then thank Bill Clinton for signing and promoting, NAFTA, repealing the Glass Steagall Act (consumer protection from fraud in banks), the Community Redevelopment Act and giving our technology to China.  Than thank George Bush 43 for the Clean Air Act eliminating the light bulb industry, granting power to the unconstitutional EPA, redefining consumption of oil, energy,  land grabs and water usage through unconstitutional regional programs all using UN phony science.  Obama put these programs on steroids in his crash course to destroy the middle class with abusive unconstitutional executive orders, appointments and treaties assisted by the corrupt congress who continues to fund these failed programs.  Our Representatives did not read the constitution or they would know the HO– — — USE does not need the SENATE to defund anything.  The Senate does not need the House to sign treaties.  NO Unconstitutional law is enforceable.  Marbury vs. Madison – Unconstitutional laws are VOID. The result: Government picking their friends as winners paid for by the middle class losers as their business and industries are unconstitutionally regulated out of business.

What does OUTCOME BASED Really Mean?

When the outcome of a program is outcome based it means predetermined.  The government sets the standards so they can control the outcome.  Free choice allows for personal decisions.  That makes it hard for a government to control its people if everyone is doing things differently, according to the way the individual wants. The government must create an assembly line.  If everyone has one task and they all preform that task, then the government can control the outcome.  This is critical for the elimination of the middle class…Too many free thinkers, to many different ideas,  to many different outcomes.  Essentially the government does not care if they are right or wrong as long as everyone does the same thing – easier to control.

Outcome based changes your behavior, values, method into the value of those in control.  Truth is irrelevant because truth may create different outcomes.  The government must continue on the Global Warming Hoax because green energy forces people to consume less energy. Green energy doesnt work in mass and is too expensive.  Cheap Energy is power.  Goods and services are less expensive to the consumer buying power is a greater. The cheaper the energy, the more power people can have.  The more power the people have the less power the government can have.  So your children are taught by people who believe:  “Giving society cheap, abundant energy would be the equivalent of giving an idiot child a machine gun.” – Prof Paul Ehrlich, Stanford University.  Your thoughts can only be managed by them. You are incapable of independent thought. The OUTCOME must be decided in advance or the world will be too chaotic for them to control. Then they will have to exterminate you by creating a war, famine or illness.

Effect on the American Economy

The Federal Government can now create depressed areas to its heart’s content and buy off the opposition of industry, labor and local government officials with its “development assistance” for Americans . Under Secretary Ball’s statement leaves no doubt of the goal – the United States is to give up its economic boundaries. The economic destruction of the middle class was put in place by Clinton then promoted by Bush 43 and Obama.  Every open border policy is part of this program. Spying on Americans while leaving borders open is insanity but sanctioned by both Progressives in both parties.

Free trade zones, tax rebates, subsidies, cash for … programs, Stimulus, TARP,  destroyed what was left of free enterprise as overbearing, pricey unconstitutional programs are forced on consumers at inflated prices.  Massive debt is the result.

“The only hope for the world is to make sure there is not another United States. We can’t let other countries have the same number of cars, the amount of industrialization, we have in the US. We have to stop these Third World countries right where they are.” – Michael Oppenheimer, Environmental Defense Fund

We must level the playing field by pushing America into third world status.
“Global Sustainability requires the deliberate quest of poverty, reduced resource consumption and set levels of mortality control.” – Professor Maurice King

Questions NEVER asked…

Was the market bubble and crash predetermined.

If the goal was to push Americans into poverty and destroy the middle class, can you say “mission accomplished”?

During Clinton’s time the middle class expanded and gained wealth – the greatest threat to Progressives. How could they steal that wealth? Easy, promote the American Dream and then pull the rug out.

HOW can people pay mortgages when their jobs (businesses)  were exported? They can not. This was a designed plan to steal the wealth of the middle class.   NAFTA, GATT, CAFTA all designed to steal Americans wealth.

Why is no one in jail for theft?  This is the value of Big Corporations buying elections by using the political parties while silencing the press.

Why are taxpayers funding Regionalism (communism) and lobby firms?  Because congress has been bought and paid for by massive corporate donations and fear.  Remember who was the first killed by Hitler? Stalin?  – the legislators, teachers, doctors and press. Now are you surprised we have silence?

Over 200 scientist, who were global warming deniers mysteriously met some sort of untimely death.  Being a rebel is hard, being silent is worse.


When owning a small business created wealth?  Today you are being told you must get a job with a government sanctioned corporation focusing on “Green.” You are being told Jobs are the answer. Why?  Because small business creates competition for big business. Innovation and creation come from small business. Look at the real Bill Gates biography.  How many small businesses did he squash in order to drive Microsoft to the top?  Billionaires, big corporations must squash competition just in case someone invents a new idea which will change their business model creating less profit for shareholders, or put them out of business. That is why schools MUST Create DUMB AND COMMON people.  Dummies follow not lead.