January 22, 2022

Education Betrayal

Our founders said over and over, the most important items for Americans to learn is:  Morality, Thinking, Finances and Civics.  What is not taught in school today: Morality, thinking, Finances and Civics.  Today whenever anyone asks WHY? The answer is always the same, because that is not taught in SCHOOL.

“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” Thomas Jefferson.  When liberty is not learned, it is forgotten.

What ever is taught today in school will be in the government tomorrow – Abe Lincoln

Why are these subjects no longer taught in school? Because the government elite want to rule and if you understood the constitution, you would know that the people have the power, not them. They must answer to you. By keeping you ignorant, they rule.

The true purpose of school is to create worker bees only capable of following directions not making decisions. By telling the people the purpose of school is to provide work is a cover for training to work in some government sanctioned corporation.  The purpose of school is to provide knowledge so individuals can make their own decisions.  School to work /NCLB/CCS is training which eliminates choice.

Ask yourself, in this time of a declining America (by design) why are both parties so consumed with illegals?  Because these people come in from countries where the things we view as necessities they view as luxuries.  Whoever provides those items will have their Allegiance forever.  How many vote R or D because mommy or daddy did?

Ask yourself with all of the money we spend on education, why is there little or no change?  Could it be because we are addressing the wrong problem.  The problem is the curriculum.  From elementary school to college, these students are not taught how to to think, they are taught what to think. They are not taught about America and its riches and opportunity, they are taught to do more for less or to do without.  They are not taught about morality, family, God and country. Instead they are told what to think and to think the only the government and school has the answers.

  • School replaces family
  • Government replaces God
  • America is replaced by the UN

Is that the life and future you want for your child?

No, then get involved.  Now is the time.

In Liberty.

Karen Schoen