January 22, 2022

High School Suspends Boy for Supporting Constitution

A High School student at Grand Island High School in upstate New York was recently suspended from school. His crime? Refusing to turn his t-shirt inside out. What offensive images, words or themes appeared on the shirt that were so reprehensible as to deserve a suspension? On the front of the shirt was the NRA logo, and on the back, a crest that said “The 2nd Amendment; Shall Not Be Infringed.”

Wow. That kid is one angry, rebellious child. Can you imagine supporting our national constitution while at school! Inconceivable!

Of course, I’m kidding.

This is just a continuation of the liberal education systems assault on liberty. When the leftists take control of educating our children this kind of thing is going to happen. Liberals hate the 2nd Amendment so they will pretend that it is somehow controversial, even though it has been ensconced in our Bill of Rights for over 200 years. Can you imagine this child being reprimanded if he was wearing a shirt that said “The 17th Amendment; shall be composed of two Senators from each State.”

No? Me neither.

Why would it be okay to support the 17th Amendment but not the 2nd? There is no reason, other than the fascist narrative about the need for gun control.

NRAteeThe very fact that the 2nd Amendment exists is an affront to Nanny State Leftists who believe that the government should rule omnipotently. Among the fascist leftists there is a realization that the 2nd Amendment is one of the main impediments to complete government control of our nation. Culturally, as long as we can rely on our firearms for protection, we as a people will not feel the need for government protection. Our firearms also suggest that we have the ability to defend ourselves against an all-encroaching government – especially when you consider that almost a full third of Americans own a firearm.

The student, Shane Kinney, explains how it all went down.

“Mr. Lauria [the vice principal] told me I had to either turn the shirt inside out or put duct tape over the words. I told them that I wasn’t going to do it. I had to sit in the suspension room and eat lunch alone until my father brought me a new shirt to school.”

Kinney, a card-carrying member of the NRA along with his parents, said he had worn the shirt to school before, along with others that were similar, and had been asked to put duct tape over the writing. He said he complied because he didn’t want to make waves.

“I would never complain. I just wanted to get through the school year,” Kinney said. Officials at the school cited the dress code which prohibits any clothing that might incite or encourage “violent activities.”

“There was pretty much nothing in the policy about guns. We spoke to the principal about it,” Shane’s father, Wayne Kinney, said. “We decided that it was best to let the whole thing drop since Shane already took his suspension. I don’t think they would have changed their minds anyway.”

We have to stand up and fight this shift in culture folks. The left is turning our rights into controversies and their desires into pseudo-Rights. Will we stand by and do nothing?