August 9, 2022


We are accustomed to be told by the present administration facts and data that turn out to be false.    Unfortunately we, presently, have a media that for the most part repeat these assumed figures as gospel, without exercising their duty to investigate.   

Case in point, The Miami Herald’s report on healthcare signups written by Mr. Tony Pugh.    In this alleged news report the writer states that the announced number reported enrolled in Obamacare surpasses the CBO estimate of 6 million.    What he did not mention was that the nonpartisan figure was of 6 million previously uninsured persons, which had purchased policies.    The official numbers are from people that have registered, not paid, and a mix of uninsured with others that lost their plan and were forced into the exchange.    The real numbers are not disclosed, but analyzing prior insurance industry data it looks that 3 million is closer to the truth, and that is using the most favorable scenario for the healthcare law.