December 5, 2021


FACT: Washington vs. the States: Mark Levin and many others tell us that the most promising way of curbing the excesses of the federal government is for the states to act collectively using Article 5 of the US Constitution.  For the states to accomplish this they must first pass “enabling” legislation that makes this strategy practical.  (See articles below)  Indiana has already passed such legislation.  The Wisconsin and Arizona Houses have followed suit as has the Tennessee Senate in the 30 to 1 bipartisan vote!

Now its Florida’s turn and events in Florida are moving forward.

Florida’s version of this legislation is now winding its way through the requisite subcommittees. The Florida House bill HB-609  passed the Civil and Justice subcommittee by an 8 to 3 vote and on March 11th passed the Ethics and Elections Subcommittee by the same 8 to 3 vote with the help of some timely phone calls.  HB-609 has now moved on to its final test, the Judiciary Committee.  The comparable Senate bill SB-1008 is also up for consideration in its Judiciary Committee.

ACTION: At this point in the process we need TELEPHONE calls the members of the House Judiciary Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee. If you get a recording leave a message for the Representative (HB-609) or Senator (SB-1008) to support the bill. Pay special attention to the Senate as that part of the legislature may be our biggest challenge.

And please forward this latest Action Alert to every patriotic Floridian you know with a telephone!


House Judiciary Committee

Article V Constitutional Convention legislation HB 609


Baxley, Dennis K. [R]


District 23   Part of Marion


(352) 732-1313(352) 732-1313



   Vice Chair


   Stone, Charlie [R]


District 22 Levy and Part of Marion


  (352) 291-4436(352) 291-4436



Democratic Ranking Member


Schwartz, Elaine J. [D]


District  99 Part of Broward


  (954) 924-3813(954) 924-3813



Campbell, Daphne D. [D]


Distict 108 Part of Miami-Dade


(305) 795-1210(305) 795-1210



Dudley, Dwight [D]


District 68 Part of Pinellas


  (727) 552-2747(727) 552-2747



Fitzenhagen, Heather Dawes [R]


District 78 Part of Lee


  (239) 533-2440(239) 533-2440



Gaetz, Matt [R]


Distict 4 Part of Okaloosa


(850) 833-9328(850) 833-9328



Hager, Bill [R]


Distict 89  Part of Palm Beach


(561) 470-6607(561) 470-6607



Kerner, Dave [D]


Distict 87 Part of Palm Beach


  (561) 641-3406(561) 641-3406



McBurney, Charles [R]


Distict 16 Part of Duval


(904) 359-6090(904) 359-6090



McGhee, Kionne L. [D]


Distict 117 Part of Miami-Dade


(305) 256-6300(305) 256-6300



Metz, Larry [R]


Distict 32 Part of Lake


  (352) 989-9134(352) 989-9134



Moskowitz, Jared Evan [D]


District 97 Part of Broward


  (954) 346-2848(954) 346-2848



Passidomo, Kathleen C. [R]


District 106  Part of Collier


Phone: (239) 417-6200(239) 417-6200



Pilon, Ray [R]


Distict 72 Part of Sarasota


  (941) 955-8077(941) 955-8077



Raulerson, Daniel D. “Dan” [R]


Distict 58


Part of Hillsborough


  (813) 757-9110(813) 757-9110



Roberson, Kenneth L. “Ken” [R]


Distict 75 Charlotte


  (941) 613-0914(941) 613-0914



Spano, Ross [R]


Distict 59 Part of Hillsborough


  (813) 655-3742(813) 655-3742






Senate  Judiciary Committee


Article V Constitutional Convention legislation SB-1008







     Senator Tom Lee (R)


Deputy Majority (Republican) Leader


District 24


(813) 653-7061(813) 653-7061



Vice Chair:


     Senator Darren Soto (D)


District 14


(407) 846-5187(407) 846-5187



     Senator Rob Bradley (R)


District 7


(904) 278-2085(904) 278-2085




     Senator Andy Gardiner (R)


District 13


(407) 428-5800(407) 428-5800



     Senator Arthenia L. Joyner (D)


District 19


(813) 233-4277(813) 233-4277




     Senator Jack Latvala (R)


District 20


(727) 793-2797(727) 793-2797



     Senator Garrett Richter (R)


District 23


(239) 417-6205(239) 417-6205




     Senator Jeremy Ring (D)


District 29


(954) 917-1392(954) 917-1392



     Senator John Thrasher (R)


District 6


(904) 287-4222(904) 287-4222



As a parting thought and if you have the time, you might also want to call Representative John Wood and Senator Kelli Stargel and thank them


for sponsoring HB-609 and SB 1008.   Legislators always feel emboldened


when they sense they have the wind behind their sails.



John Wood (R)


District 41   Part of Polk


Phone: (863) 298-5300(863) 298-5300



Kelly Stargel


District 15 consists of parts of Orange, Osceola, and Polk counties


(863) 284-4430(863) 284-4430



FOR FURTHER INFORMATION see the articles below.


This article explains to need for “Madison” or “faithful delegate laws like HR 609 to make the Article 5 strategy work.


This article explains why promoting a Regulation Freedom Amendment is not only a good idea in itself but can help move the Article 5 movement along.  This is a great article to send to business leaders who are almost daily harassed  by federal regulations.


This article explains why the millions of constitutionalists still left in America need to work this Article 5 strategy in addition to trying to elect good candidates.


These are the links  to HB-609 and SB-1008.  Please note that these bills do not call for an Article 5 convention, but are  simply a procedural bill that lays out the limits on  Florida convention delegates should 34 states ever do call for a convention to discuss a specific amendment to curb Washington’s power.  Because this bill requires no funding and is simply procedural, it should move forward without too much difficulty provided citizens pressure representatives and senators to pay attention to it.


This article is optional but a good one to send to a Florida state legislator if you have a personal e-mail address.  Indiana State Senate majority leader David Long explains why Indiana passed a faithful delegate law.