December 3, 2021

What Conservatives and Republicans Need To Do To Fight Communism In America

The note below is what I and most Cuban Americans – with real firsthand experience living inside a communist country – feel.

Conservatives and Republicans didn’t fight hard enough against an obvious Communist take over.  For the US, it all began in 1919 when the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) opened in Chicago. Finally, in 2008, they got the White House.

Communists DO NOT leave power at the end of their term.  Despite the utter failure of every application of communism, regardless of whether it goes by another name, resulting in an elite and the exploitation of everyone else, those in power believe “the end justifies the means.”  That implies legal and illegal activities.

Since the first Tea Party meeting I attended I explained that what I was seeing in the US I saw happen in Cuba. The difference was only that the take over in Cuba was by bloody revolution and here it was being done using “the ends justify the means” as well as election manipulation. Far too few in the US took election fraud seriously enough.

No US president since I came to this country in 1967 has done anything to expose the CPUSA and their front organizations and explain the danger to Americans. Foolishly, anti-McCarthyism has been allowed to rule.

No US president or Republican politician did anything to reject the imposition of the unconstitutional “political correctness” – which is a Communist technique to control and eliminate freedom of speech.

No US president or Republican politician did anything about the taking over of our education centers by Marxist (Communist) professors to poison and brainwash the younger generations of America – a contradiction in a Capitalist country!

No US president or Republican politician did anything about the taking over of the media, which makes it so easy to block information, mislead and brainwash the citizens.
Marxism is the root of Communism and the opposite of Capitalism, individual freedom and prosperity.  Marxism/Communism is the enemy of the U.S.  Your apathy and ignorance is what lead to Obama.  The conservatives and Republicans failed to expose his known past during the 2008 campaign for fear of being called a “racist.”  For me it would have been better to expose him no matter what in order to save America.

Romney, as McCain, failed to walk the extra mile too.  He missed opportunities during the debate–his only opportunity to speak, unfiltered by the hostile liberal mainstream media, to the American public and expose the heavy issues.

I have spent the last 34 years writing and making documentaries to get the word out. But apparently since I am not famous, the only help I received was from a few brave individual citizens. The Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, Socialists, Communists and PBS sponsor, promote, finance and offer venues to artists, writers and filmmakers who advance their political agendas – that’s why most of them are lefties.  Conservatives and Republicans don’t.  That’s why you lost the cultural war in America.  Wake up and do as they do. They are successful and you obviously are not.

The conservative pundits worked hard, but failed to use all of the tools available that must be used against an “ends justifies the means” enemy. Thinking they could get Obama voted out via his record was foolish–the average American doesn’t have time to do research, spend hours watching pundits and gets most of their information from the liberal mainstream media. Too high and mighty to use his history, from his communist mentor Frank Marshall Davis, his missing college records, all the way to his birth certificate. Now the pundits have to filter themselves in order not to be shut down by the FCC or presidential order.

Don’t even think for a moment that the next election is not also going to be a massive fraud. Communists are specialist in manipulating elections in their favor, or simply declaring elections a waste of time.  Are you going to finally learn the lesson and fight back with everything at your disposal? War requires heavy artillery, not just a smart, capable, dedicated, nice guy.

Do you think the House or the Senate will prevail over executive orders?

What are you going to do now?

Agustin Blazquez, producer/director
CONNECTING THE DOTS (released Oct. 4, 2012, my 12th documentary)


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