December 8, 2021

Why Russell Crowe’s film “Noah” has touched my heart for all the WRONG reasons

noah-movie-posterMy wife and I decided to catch the premier of Russell Crowe’s latest film “Noah” in Hong Kong last night. The movie was showing in 3-D and made its Asian premier on Mar 27th a full day before its highly anticipated debut in America. The idea of having superstar actors Russell Crowe and Anthony Hopkins star in a film that tells one of the oldest stories of mankind definitely piqued my interest. I was interested to see how today’s modern technology could give a modern twist and share this beautiful story with a new generation of movie lovers.

Five minutes later, I regretted my decision. I wished I had done more research about the film, I wish we would have saved our money. 90 minutes later we did something I personally have never done in over 25 years of watching films in the theatre. We got out of our seats and left. My head was spinning and I was in utter shock and disbelief. What has happened with America and how could they twist this movie so far from the truth?

One of the best Biblical films ever produced

As a young boy, my parents first introduced me to the original Bible film, the 1966 classic “The Bible: In the Beginning”. Produced almost 50 years ago this film depects the true essence of cinematography. Directors lacked the use of visual effects and computer animation so actors had to be superb in their deliveries to sell audiences on the role they are playing.

One of Heston's most powerful performances

Charlton Heston starred in two of the most epic Biblical films of all time in the late 1950′s. The films Ben Hur and The Ten Commandments have stood the test of time and remain classics to this day. Now I understand the modern movie seeker’s argument. Come on its 2014! You need to have additional story lines , take advantage of computer animation, embrace technology and enhance the movie experience! I agree with all of these comments and my response is look at James Cameron’s 1997 classic Titanic. Having grossed over $2.18 Billion, this film captured 11 academy awards and will be forever remembered as one of the best films of all time.

Titanic_poster“I’ll never let go Jack!” Yes there was a powerful love story, but Titanic stuck to the facts which made this film a commercial success

The movie Titanic added a modern twist by introducing a rare diamond and a sizzling love story that engaged audience viewers and told a story whose plot we already knew, the boat sinks. However James Cameron achieved box office success because he embraced as many real facts into his film as possible. The storyline engaged movie enthusiasts but did not take away from the true story of why that ship went down.

Noah fails as a movie for so many reasons but here is a list of 5 main reasons:

1. The film’s cast wears clothing that would have been considered modern in the early 19th century! Seeing the characters walk around in shoes, use backpacks, and have fine stitched clothes was an immediate turn off for me from the first minutes of the film.

Some pretty modern clothing for a man that lived 10,000 years ago

2. The film promotes Evolution instead of Creation!!! How is this even possible in a Biblical movie? Noah sits down to share the story of creation to his family once again and the film shows how creatures of the ocean appeared, eventually turned into lizards, dinosaurs, apes, and finally humans. Nowhere does it mention that man was created in God’s own image.

3. The main builders of the ark are angels who fell from heaven and became giant rock creatures! I know it sounds ridiculous and it is!

These 6 armed

These 6 armed rock creatures are Noah’s friend and help him build and defend the ark

4. Noah decides that God actually meant to kill everyone. While on the ark, Noah decides to end the human race by killing his family

Russel-Crowe-Noah-Bearded-e1359230634203In the film, Noah contemplates suicide and murdering his family

5. The film’s villain successfully sneaks onto the ark by using an axe to cut a hole, befriends Noah’s son Ham to plot against his father and kill Noah

noah-movie-ray-winstoneThe true story of Noah is so powerful, so compelling, that you don’t need all the Hollywood nonsense to enhance this film. Add a simple storyline a la James Cameron in Titanic and use today’s technology to engage modern day viewers and pique their interest in one of the world’s oldest stories. Unfortunately film director Darren Aronofsky completely missed this point and the result is a cinematic disaster.

Watching this movie left a chilling effect on me as I left the theaters. I was outraged, upset, and simply mortified that a story of such epic proportions could be twisted around and retold in a way that leaves audiences completely void of the truth. I shouldn’t be surprised though, the film’s director Darren Aronofsky is a self-proclaimed Atheist and yet this man directed the film! But as I researched more to find out the truth I found his self-proclaimed goal was to make Noah the “least Biblical Biblical movie”. Aronofsky seems to have done the impossible, he took a Biblical story and made it into a secular film that does not mention God once.

It saddens my heart to see a “Biblical” film twisted this much from the truth. It shows me how much America has sold its soul to make a quick dollar at the box office. I pray for the film’s director and every actor involved in this production. Taking a story like Noah’s and turning it into something like this can only be considered blasphemy. As a Christian who has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ it hurts my heart to realize how many people will see this film and be lead astray because of it. In the book of Matthew Chapter 5 verse 44 the Bible instructs us to “love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you”. My only hope is to pray for the people involved in this film. We need to pray for America. Our country is so lost, now more than ever we need to get back to the basics and embrace God like we did when this country was founded.

For all those wanting to see Noah this weekend, please reconsider. If you value the Bible and walk with the Lord it will only leave your heart hurting and in utter disbelief.