December 8, 2021

Are we being Intentionally Misled?

Fellow Americans:

The American way to help people is to empower them by telling the truth. Americans who can not read will never learn the truth and will always be slaves.

Proud to Be an American…

During one of the most holy weeks in our Judeo-Christian heritage, Americans reflect on what is was like to be set free from slavery.  Will we remember long enough to shed our bonds of slavery from this oppressive government?

One Man Made a difference…

We want to thank Cliven Bundy for bringing the massive land grabs from the unconstitutional agencies to the front line. If Cliven can stand up for his rights, will other Americans? Or will NEVER AGAIN be forgotten only to become AGAIN?


Barack Hussein Obama is first and foremost a LIAR! Void of any conscience he is very comfortable in his narcissistic skin. The fact that his skin is black is of no consequence because I am certain if it was white, red, green or purple he would still be the same narcissistic liar.

It is not the color of his skin that is a problem in America. Rather it is the blackness that fills his soul and the hollowness in his heart where there should be abiding pride and love for this country.

Why? …  What difference does it make? …

What comes next – Muslim or Communist is not important. What is important is his hate for America and everything she stands for since he does not believe in America’s greatness, but wants to destroy it as if it has somehow deprived him of something.


I’m not sure what that something is since this un-experienced, community organizer has certainly had someone behind him funding his undocumented education history, paid for all his trips overseas, probably paid someone to take his law exam and has now after being a “do nothing Senator” become America’s worst president ever. Spending millions upon millions on his many luxurious vacations with or without his whole family, someone please tell me where he has ever been deprived.

If he lied about Obamacare, what else is he lying about?

He has lied about his education, where was born, his mother not having insurance when she was dying, little boys and girls writing him letters, presenting women who are supposedly homeless because of “America’s” system and who knows how many we know nothing about. He is systematically trying to ruin the American legal system by side stepping congress, treating his “pen” to sign Executive Orders as his personal toy, treating the military as “trash” since according to him “what they do is nothing special since they knew what they were getting into”, making America a “welfare country”, spending us well beyond our means and promoting the legalized murder of millions of the unborn to wanting the ones that are born to be part of his Gay, Lesbian, Transgender world.


Let’s see – humiliation in front of foreign heads of state, bowing to Muslim leaders, openly flirting in front of his wife and the world, appointing his cronies to heads of office when they like himself are either not qualified, hate America or are working 24/7 to make America a prison state by stripping us systematically of each and every part of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Get angry with me if you wish, but I would like to remind the Democrats, Liberals and others who voted for Obama that when he signs one of those Executive Orders he has someone write, stripping us of our Constitutional Rights, it applies to each and every citizen of this country – not just those of us who didn’t vote for him. You are not spared because he really doesn’t like you either. He is merely using you for his own purposes!