August 16, 2022


Barak must have invented April fool’s day. He likes it so much he started months ago; like the retiree who thinks every day is Saturday. He can say the darnedest things with a straight face but I’m betting that once he’s alone he convulses with laughter. The only gag he hasn’t tried yet is the old “pull my finger” joke he learned from Alinsky.

It started with transparency; we took the bait and he drew the curtains. I laughed until I cried. But even a devout gagster like Barak runs out of material eventually and when he begins to repeat himself it can get tiresome. Actually I didn’t fall for his line the first time he claimed he’s a Christian but last week he tried it again just before the Pope lied to us about their private conversations. Then I realized the Pope is the one with the sense of humor. What a card, telling Obama to respect religion. Doesn’t he know that nobody respects religion more than Barak? No one has done more for the Islamic movement than Barak Hussein since Muhammad invented the Burka. Muhammad invented it; Barak popularized it all over America.

Funny how we focus on one or two lies when we failed to respond to dozens before. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor; if you like your health plan you can keep your health plan are whoppers to be sure but when said it remained yet to be seen… Obviously less believable is, every family will save $2500 a year; patently untrue when spoken…a mathematical impossibility; yet it didn’t ruffle our feathers as much as keep your doctor. So why should “repeal the law” resonate better with Barak than “don’t pass the Law”? If the voice of the people had any influence on this administration we would not have Obumascare or be concerned over any of his edicts or policies we could reject. The stated purpose for his regime is to change America and nobody mentioned it would be with our consent. The purpose of the Affordable Care Act is to facilitate total transformation, obviously not to our liking.

The change is intended to be “fundamental” which means only one thing…our body of laws and the order of authority in this Republic will be reversed and replaced…it matters little which particular type of dictatorship is ultimately identified…It is a dictatorship in fact, subject to the whims of one man. No one can say for certain if an election will reverse the trend and some even think elections are fixed (me) or can be suspended with Marshal Law…For all intents and purposes, if not technically, we are a dictatorship and when Barak’s term is up we will know if it is the new norm or a failed attempt to effectively transition our Republic. If it turns out to be a failed attempt I hope Americans don’t take a victory lap and go back to na-na land. The damage done to the republic and the corruption embedded will not dissipate or revert to norm without years of intensive reform and seeking out and punishing the moles undermining Conservative thought.

Barak now controls all three branches of government; perhaps tenuous for now, but he has asserted that his will be done. The Affordable Care Act was the pony he rode in on…it was the clincher…Combined with increased debt, rampant currency printing, unprecedented reckless spending, illicit amnesty and job killing policies the Affordable Care Act tilted the tables in favor of a dependency state; the quality or availability of health care in the process is not a consideration. At least six million people lost coverage and as I said at the time they will end up with Obama care like it or not…Not mentioned out loud because they don’t really have to enroll, are the illegals and others eligible by circumstances beyond our control that are already covered as freebies. How do you spell confiscation?

Today, on April fool’s Day, 2014 Obamacare has miraculously met its objective of over six million enrollees…call it a surge…Fool me once…shame on me. Fool me twice, more shame on me…and every day is April’s Fool day. May Day is soon upon us or will it be mayday?

Health Care under these circumstances will be sporadic…when it can be denied it will be and it will always be monitored by laymen paid to restrict costs and enforced…that’s the correct word, by the IRS, charged to impose and collect fines and delinquent payment…If this program from Hell gets a full head of steam it will be the greatest instrument for wealth confiscation any dictator ever had the nerve to impose, even greater than the infamous fast count…one for you, two for me, one for you, three for me…

In the end we are the perennial…no, eternal fools…who couldn’t even coalesce the loyal minority needed to sustain a constitutional Republic; 540 elected officials we could count on to represent us faithfully. We consistently elect corruptible, corrupted or ineffective representatives who represent their own self interest before the people’s, God’s or the country’s needs. A majority of the population could not agree on anything, never does and never has to. It is always a minority that gets things done but it is true on both sides of the political spectrum. If indeed a majority elected Barak it was a majority of a very small minority that actually voted. His candidacy was unconstitutional, immoral and unwise and the joke’s on us.

It ain’t over ‘til it’s over but our corrupt government hands us crumbs while they eat cake and we gave them the recipe…It is time to lace the cake with arsenic for demagogues and dictators, reject transformation and restore our conservative values, constitutional government and free market ideology.

God bless America,