August 12, 2022

Carol Bundy Blasts Reid Family: “We’re Standing For Liberty…the American People Are With Us!”

On Wednesday, Bundy ranch matriarch Carol Bundy went On the Record to discuss the latest developments in the family’s range war with the Federal government.

We know the war’s not over yet,” she said.

Bundy also maintained that she and her husband Cliven have abided by all Nevada state laws in maintaining their presence on the grazing land in question.

“If we are a sovereign state we don’t need to worry,” she said of the Bureau of Land Management, the agency tasked to enforce Federal regulations on the ranch. A major issue in the dispute is an estimated $1.1 million said to be owed to Washington for usage rights to the land.


Mrs. Bundy also discussed Senator Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and his son Rory Reid, a former Democratic gubernatorial candidate.

The younger Reid said that Cliven Bundy “should be prosecuted” for ignoring Federal law. The Senate Majority Leader is also solidly aligned with the BLM in the dispute, telling a reporter earlier in the week, “[the battle is] not over”.

Bundy criticized the Reids’ involvement, as well as what she characterized as inaction by local and state authorities to remove the Federal government’s presence in the dispute.

“They’ve let us down,” she said.

It’s a “loss of liberty for we the people,” Bundy added, “It’s not over: we’re standing for liberty and I think the American people are standing with us,” noting phone calls she had received from supporters nationwide.