August 16, 2022

Chicago Murder Rate Drops when Concealed Carry becomes Legal

The violent and tumultuous recent history of the Second City is pretty well known, as is Chicago’s Draconian anti-gun laws.

All of that anti-gun fervor did a lot for Chicago, earning it one of the most important distinctions in all of America: murder capital of the nation. Yes, the most extreme anti-gun city in the United States is also the violent crime leader of the entire country.

If you’ve paid any attention to the many studies on gun control and gun violence this outcome is not at all surprising.

But something happened in September of 2013… the courts struck down Chicago’s concealed carry laws as unconstitutional, and the Illinois State Police began issuing concealed carry licenses.

Since then crime in Chicago has been plummeting.

Coincidence? I think not.

The point is that law abiding citizens who own guns don’t commit crimes.

Making guns illegal in liberal bastions will only serve to make crime there worse. However, if you allow citizens to own and carry firearms, criminals will be forced to think twice about their decision to use guns in committing violent crimes. They will always have to worry that there may be a citizen carrying a firearm nearby, and it will serve to deter crime.

Other liberal cities and states from across the country should watch and learn the lesson that Chicago is getting.