January 26, 2022

Obama Releases Nearly 70,000 Criminal Illegal Aliens Onto the Streets

Once again, the current President of the United States undermining our national security by refusing to do his executive duties by enforcing our immigration laws.

He has already issuing directives to the the border patrol telling them to retreat when attacked and let fleeing vans pass unhindered at the border.  He’s also cooking the books on the deportation statistics to make it look like he’s doing a lot of deportations.

According to newly uncovered documents, the Department of Homeland Security actually released nearly 70,000 criminal illegal aliens into the streets, not bothering to deport them.  Unreal.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement released 68,000 foreign nationals who had criminal convictions and charges last year instead of pursuing deportation, according to newly uncovered documents — a statistic one senator said represents an enforcement “crisis.”

The internal documents were obtained and published by the Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington, D.C.-based group that advocates stricter immigration enforcement. According to the documents and the group’s analysis, ICE agents reported encountering 193,000 “criminal aliens” in 2013, but only targeted 125,000 for deportation.

A total of 67,879 were released.

This number includes those who have either been charged or convicted of a crime.  The Immigration and Customs Enforcement argues that they are prioritizing the deportation of immigrants who are actually convicted criminals, but CIS and others say that this weakens the overall enforcement of the nation’s immigration laws, and that political reasons are behind the policy:

The CIS report said factors such as “family relationships, political considerations, or attention from advocacy groups” are likely helping to “trump criminal convictions as a factor leading to deportation.”

The report further deepens concerns about the course of an ongoing internal review of the administration’s enforcement and deportation policies. Groups like CIS have warned that this could chip away at an enforcement structure that already has been weakened.

“The preponderance of the evidence demonstrates that immigration enforcement in America has collapsed,” Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., top Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, said. “Even those with criminal convictions are being released. [The Department of Homeland Security] is a department in crisis.”

Obama isn’t interested in deporting a lot of illegal immigrants because immigrant advocacy groups like La Raza form a main part of his liberal base.  Make no mistake, this is all about politics, no matter what ICE says.  He’s putting political considerations above the safety of American citizens, and it’s undermining the rule of law and the security of our nation.