December 8, 2021


          Most Americans apparently don’t realize that since he was elected President of the United States Barack Obama has been aggressively creating a caste system in our country. He and Michelle obviously consider themselves elitists who are above most of the rest of us and entitled to special privileges. They are joined by members of the cabinet like Eric Holder and Chuck Hagel, members of Congress such as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, members of the mainstream media, the Hollywood hierarchy, and certain corporate executives who have contributed heavily to the Obama campaigns and the Democratic Party.

          Many of the rest of us have been relegated to be second class citizens. According to the elitists, you fall into the category if you are:

·       A U.S. Military veteran.

·       An active member of the U.S. military or a family member of a member of the military.

·        Pro-life.

·        A gun owner, and/or believe in the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

·       A believer in freedom of speech for all Americans, even for those you disagree with.

·       A believer that the news media should be free and a guardian of the Constitution, not a propaganda organ for the government.

·       A Christian.

·       A defender of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments.

·       A believer in the balance of powers mandated in the Constitution.

·       A believer that the Constitution provides for a Federal government with limited powers.

·       A believer that traditional marriage is between a man and a woman.

·       A believer that America has a right to defend itself against Islamist terrorism and other enemies of freedom.

·       A believer in American exceptionalism.

·       A supporter of a free market economy.


On the other hand if you are:

·       A supporter of unlimited big government.

·       A believer that the government can better spend your money than you can.

·       A believer in the redistribution of wealth by taking from those who work and giving to those that don’t want to work.

·       A supporter of the killing of the innocent unborn, but in opposition to the death penalty for murderers and terrorists.

·       A believer that Islam is a religion of peace.

·       Someone who blames America for all the ills of the world.

·       A believer that freedom of speech does not apply to all Americans, just those you deem “politically correct.

·       A supporter of disarming honest American citizens.

·       A believer that all military veterans are dangerous and should be disarmed.

·       A believer that the U.S. Military should be drastically cut so more money can be sent on welfare programs.

·       A supporter of censorship of the news media outlets that don’t agree with your point of view.

·       Someone who believes that only Muslims should have freedom of religion.

·       Someone who believes that the federal government should decide what our children are taught in school.

·       A believer that the government should control every aspect of the economy.

·       A believer that the Constitution and Bill of Rights is outdated and should be radically changed or abolished.


If this describes you, than congratulations you are now officially a slave on the Obama plantation.

It also makes me proud to be classified by you as a second class citizen. That means I am still an American!

Michael Connelly

Michael Connelly blog