August 12, 2022

US Welcomes 19 of Nigeria’s Muslim Governors but Blocks Visa of Lone Christian Governor

I’ve reported for over a year now about the brutal slaughter of over a thousand Christians by radical Muslims in Nigeria.  Like many nations in the area and in the Middle East, Nigeria is predominately Muslim.  There is a significant Christian population that lives in the northern regions of the African nation.  However, Nigeria’s Muslims are determined to eradicate their country of any and all Christians.

US-To-Make-Process-of-Visa-Application-Easier-For-NigeriansIn mid-November last year, Ann Buwalda, Executive Director of Jubilee Campaign said that around 1,200 Christians had been killed in northern Nigeria.  She didn’t say how many more had been wounded in the attacks, but surely it was several thousand.

While thousands of Christians are being attacked, beaten, raped, burned and murdered, the United States government has sat by silently.  The only condemnation they have made is against Nigeria’s ban on same-sex marriage.  Our government is quick to condemn the actions of Christians, Jews and others, but are extremely hesitant to say the slightest word against Obama’s Muslim buddies.

While Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry continue to remain silent on Nigeria’s genocide of Christians, the United States Institute of Peace organized a conference here in the US where they invited the governors of Nigeria’s 19 northern states.  According to their website:

“The United States Institute of Peace is an independent, nonpartisan institution established and funded by Congress to increase the nation’s capacity to manage international conflict without violence.”

All of the Nigerian governors that were invited to the conference were Muslim, except one, Jonah David Jang, the Governor of the state of Plateau.  None of the Muslim governors had any problems with their visas, but the State Department has held Jang’s visa for over a year, blocking his attendance to the conference here in the US. Supposedly, his visa has been held up for background security checks that are being described as ‘administrative processing’ since July 2012.

Ann Buwalda, an immigration attorney and founder of the US branch of the Jubilee Project, has been working to bring attention to the human rights violations taking place in Nigeria.  She has been monitoring the visa situation concerning Gov. Jang and stated that he has never done anything to violate the terms of his visa and as such there is no logical reason for the State Department’s hold up of his visa stating:


“My personal observation and view is that some staff within the [State Department] have an unbalanced perception that somehow raising the persecution of Christians minimizes the persecution of Muslims or even favors Christians over Muslims.”

“[The State Department’s] current mandate to limit reporting to ‘trends,’ a distortion results in that the ongoing violence against Christians is underreported or not reported because it is not a new trend.”

“Another contributing factor is the reporting efforts by some groups, including Western human rights reporting groups, to report only on acts of violence against Muslim communities often based on anecdotal information while whitewashing or ignoring the acts of violence perpetrated on the Christian minority community.”


If you ask me, it’s obvious that the US State Department has intentionally prevented Gov. Jang from coming to the United States because he is a Christian and there is so much violence against Christians in his homeland that our government remains silent about.  Consider the fact that the State Department did not delay the visas of the 18 Muslim governors, just the one and only Christian one.

This is consistent with the Obama administration’s war against Christians and favored treatment of Muslims.  They regularly allow a steady flow of Muslims into the country and spend 3 years trying to deport one family because they are Christian homeschoolers.  Obama welcomes Muslims with known connections to radical Islamists to the White House while at the same time restricting the religious rights of Christians in the military.  Obama openly supports the terrorist organization known as the Muslim Brotherhood while forcing Christian businesses to violate their faith or go out of business.

I’m not allowed to say that Obama is a Muslim, so I won’t.  He does still claim to be a Christian, but the fruits of his labors are a lot more Muslim than they are Christian.  I’ll rest my case with Matthew 7:16-18:

“By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?  Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.  A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.”