August 12, 2022

Will Obama Force Congress To Let Him Run For Illegal 3rd Term?


One college professor’s solution to the nation’s problems is voting Pres. Barack Obama into a third term.

Jonathan Zimmerman, a history professor at New York University, wrote an article for The Washington Post, suggesting the U.S. government allow Obama to serve for a third term as president.

Zimmerman’s flawed argument addresses Obama’s pathetic 37 percent approval rating, but suggests he would be more effective at governing if he could run for re-election in 2016. Zimmerman argued that facing the prospect of a third term would make Obama “less likely to ignore the will of the American people.”

“It’s time to put that power back where it belongs,” Zimmerman wrote. “Barack Obama should be allowed to stand for re election just as citizens should be allowed to vote for — or against — him. Anything less diminishes our leaders and ourselves.”

Zimmerman’s article calls into question the credibility of The Washington Post. Just last week, the paper ran an article predicting that had the 2012 presidential election occurred in 2013, Mitt Romney would have won the presidency.

While many Americans still lament Obama’s re-election, at least we can be thankful that the Constitution stands in the way of his third term as president.