August 16, 2022

Chicago Mayor Opening Thousands of Jobs and Internships to Illegal Aliens


Chicago’s unemployment rate was 9.0% as of March 2014. The national average is supposedly down to 6.7% as of March 2014. One would expect the announcement of 23,000 city-funded internships, volunteer and job opportunities would be welcome news for Chicago residents.

However, Mayor Rahm Emanuel just made it harder for Chicago citizens to compete for those city opportunities. In an announcement that was issued last month, Emanuel said that they city will open up all 23,000 internships and jobs to illegal aliens also.

The official news release reads in part:

“Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced today that the City is, for the first time, opening up nearly 23,000 City-funded internship, volunteer, and job opportunities for undocumented students, or ‘DREAMers.’”

“‘Chicago is a city that was built by immigrants and I am committed to ensuring that DREAMers have the same opportunities offered by the City to all of Chicago’s youth,’ said Mayor Emanuel. ‘We will open our doors to support talented young people who are committed to their education, building their job skills, and bettering their communities.’”