August 16, 2022

Give Me Liberty Tour


In May 2014, Give Me Liberty Tour will begin hosting two-hour conferences at various churches around Florida.  They will join together with community, church, and government leaders to discuss the direction in which to move forward as a nation.  This is sponsored by Timothy Partners, Ltd.

The tour will continue through September 2014.  Will you join the cause of liberty?   For information about hosting or attending an event in your area, contact:  Carolyn Fisher (887) 634-2279.

Thomas Jefferson

We have been playing political games for too long. It is not Republican vs. Democrat‚ÄĒit is Liberty vs. Tyranny. God fearing patriots have been rallying to ‚Äútake back‚ÄĚ Washington for over thirty years, but nothing ever changes. DC keeps getting bigger and more powerful and the voice of ‚Äúwe the people‚ÄĚ falls on deaf ears.

1. Remember that the Declaration of Independence was our birth certificate as thirteen sovereign states simultaneously declared independence from the tyranny of King George III.¬†They stated clearly that¬†the¬†purpose of government was to secure the unalienable rights that God has given to man and that any government has its ‚Äújust powers‚ÄĚ derived by the consent of the governed.¬†Whenever a government becomes ‚Äúdestructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the people to alter or to abolish it.‚ÄĚ

2. Realize that the Constitution is not an agreement between the Federal government and the states. It was an agreement by the states creating a small central government with very limited authority to work for the states. When the government acts outside the limited delegated powers of the Constitution, then it is in fact breaking the law. That action is not authoritative and need not be obeyed.

3. We are not supposed be ruled by a dictatorship in DC. The Constitution was an agreement between the states¬†creating¬†a limited Washington, DC.¬†It is not between the states¬†and¬†Washington, DC.¬†It is irrational to think that our founders would leave it up to the Federal Government (The Supreme Court) the sole discretion in determining if the Federal Government (White House and Congress) was overstepping its boundaries.¬†We all know that absolute power corrupts absolutely.The power lies in ‚ÄúWe the people.‚Ä̬†We can stop abortion.¬†We can stop federal tyranny.¬†We can stop waste.

4. If the Federal Governments acts outside of its defined and limited powers, then it is an illegal act and need not be obeyed. ¬†That state simply ‚Äúnullifies‚ÄĚ or refuses to enforce an illegal act by Washington.¬†Read the book ‚ÄúNullification‚ÄĚ by Tom Wood and understand that it is the state‚Äôs right and responsibility to reign in an overreaching Washington, DC.

5. Primaries are the battle. We have elected enough self serving, big government Republicans and nothing has changed. We must run and nominate Constitutionalists in the primary races. The only way to get that done is to establish an organized Liberty Network across the state.

6. Just like when Nehemiah led in the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem in 52 days, each family took responsibility for their own section of the wall. We must do the same in Florida. Go online to   and sign up to be part of the Minute Men for your precinct. Working together with neighbors, family, friends and fellow church members you can register and educate the voters in your precinct to identify and support Liberty Candidates.

7. With your network in place, join together with other Minute Men networks across the state and get your precinct to the polls for the primary race.

Together, we can restore the proper role of limited government. We can and we must!

 For information about hosting or attending an event in your area, contact:  Carolyn Fisher at Give Me Liberty (877) 634-2279.

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