August 15, 2022

It’s Official: Obamacare Sparks 2015 Double-Digit Premium Hikes

Opponents of President Barack Obama’s controversial Obamacare program warned that the health law would fail to reduce insurance costs and could result in double-digit premium jumps.Β 

Now it’s official: 2015 filings in the states of Washington and Virginia show large groups of customers paying proposed rate hikes as high as 14.2% and 16.6% more, respectively, in each state.

In Washington state, Group Health Options has proposed premium rate hikes of 14.2%. Group Health Cooperative advanced an 11.2% rate spike. Community Health Plan of Washington’s filings revealed a proposed 8.4% premium jump.

Virginia insurers are also proposing double-digit price hikes due to Obamacare. Virginia’s 110,000 Anthem HealthKeepers customers are looking at an average 8.5% rate spike with some of Anthem’s customers facing a 16.6% increase in the price of their plans. CareFirst Blue Choice’s 32,000 Virginia customers can look forward to a proposed 14.9% increase in costs.

Obamacare remains deeply unpopular. According to the RealClearPolitics average of polls, just 41% of Americans now support Obamacare.