December 3, 2021

Judge Jeanine: Obama created a breeding ground for terrorists in Egypt

The upcoming Egyptian election on the other side of the globe is not only a concern to Egypt and Israel, but Judge Jeanine Pirro said it will profoundly affect everyone in the United States.

In her opening statement Saturday, Pirro referred to remarks she made in August, which went viral in Egypt, calling out President Obama over his continued support of Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood and how unpopular Obama has become in the Middle East.

Thirty-three million Egyptians came out of their homes to protest the “democratically-elected” leader after he changed their country, Pirro explained.

“He suspends the constitution, imposes Shariah law, puts himself above any checks and balances creating a theocratic government like the Ayatollah in Iran,” she said. “And he issues a presidential order releasing condemned terrorists from prison.”

Obama’s feckless foreign policy and refusal to support an ally that has created a dangerous vacuum, Pirro said, allowing terrorists to move in and train in the country.

“Unfortunately, our president — in true Obama fashion – prefers to ignore the majority of Egyptians who seek nothing more than safety, security and democracy,” she said.